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  1. haha, yeah, I read about the special Disney zone for safety reasons. But I also read that when flying over private property, the space that is considered something like "personal usable" would be restricted, e.g. I could hover my drone 1ft inside your backyard, But it'll be ok flying 100ft above your house. Is that right? Luckily I live just a dozen of blocks outside of my E airspace airport
  2. Hi! Which similator did you download? Is the file maybe still a ".zip" file? Your laptop might need to have it "unzipped" before. Usually you can just right-click > extract to ... and choose a folder. Then you could start a setup or .exe file to get it installed.
  3. Hi! Is this close to the ground even considered airspace D? I know it says it starts from the surface, But you're probably taller than 1ft, so your body is not really in the airspace. I was wondering if anything below your tallest property, either house or tree in the backyard, is just private property and not airspace? Regards