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  1. As a hobbyist I continually try to update myself on the rules and follow them. I have an airport and hospital with flight ops within 1 mile of where I fly. The airport manager and flight ops manager at the hospital are great. They appreciate every time I contact them about my flights. I enjoy working with the flying community here. That's how we make ourselves great stewards of UA Flight
  2. Thanks everyone, you have given lots to look at and Steve I see what you are talking about
  3. I'm thinking about getting a Phantom 3 Standard. So tell me what you don't like about this bird!
  4. I fly the X5C-1 now. Syma improved the stability with this model. This is a great starter drone for the newbie. I'm looking for a drone with live camera feed and the ability to maintain stability at altitude. No I did not get my X5C. I'm using it to teach my granddaughter to fly. Gotta pass on the love of it
  5. I have one of these birds also. She is extremely light. I keep her below 100 ft. And that is on great days only. She can fly in worse weather but keep her under 30 ft. Controls can be touchy. You need to build the ability to handle her.