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  1. I have a New Aerialtronics Altura Zenith RTF Agriculture NO Pix4D, Model # ZEN-ATX8-RTF-F002 for sale if interested. jim@cuvielloconcrete.com to request pictures and make an offer. Set Up Includes: Gimbal; GCS; PCS; Power package; Flight Case BATTERY NOT INCLUDED The following information is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Potential purchasers should do their due diligence and to confirm specifics. AERIALTRONICS THE ALTURA ZENITH UAV. FLY TOMORROW’S INNOVATION TODAY The Altura Zenith sets a precedent for the design of unmanned aircraft systems, by combining state of the art technology with remarkably flat, compact and lightweight design. Starting from scratch enabled the generation of a radically novel idea: developing a multi-rotor aircraft system that can meet a wide variety of application requirements without compromising on design. UNIQUE DESIGN - BEYOND THE CUTTING EDGE Performance and beauty are the cornerstones of the Altura Zenith. The structure was designed to enclose electrical components of the highest quality in a streamlined manner. Hidden within a super flat design, the Zenith carries a 10.000 or 20.000 mAh battery, which facilitates up to 35 minutes of flight time with total payloads of up to 1.2 kg for the ATX4 and 2.9 kg for the ATX8. All parts of the Zenith are carefully selected to form the best-balanced aircraft of today. Join the best, fly Zenith. ALTURA GROUND CONTROL SYSTEM The Altura Ground Control System (GCS) is one of a kind. All of its capabilities are featured on a simple overview to facilitate the control of the entire system. The pilot can manually control the position of the system and operate its payload with unparalleled ease. On an elegant tablet attached to the GCS the pilot operates our in-house app for autonomous navigation, waypoint triangulation and repetitive flight patterns. ALL IN ONE - LIGHTWEIGHT, COMPACT DESIGN All of the Zenith’s functions are easily controlled with the ergonomic design of the ground control station (GCS) and the GCS tablet app. This set up guarantees ease of use for an effective deployment of the Unmanned Aerial System (UAS). The operator can simultaneously maneuver the system and manage the GCS. All of the Zenith’s operations are within one simple touch THE ALTURA GCS APP Aerialtronics spends a lot of time optimizing system controls. The Altura GCS app manages both autonomous navigation as well as fully manual flights easily. Pilots can opt to navigate via waypoint or repetitive flight patterns. The interface is designed to enable flying for everyone within a couple of hours of training. AIRCRAFT TELEMETRY & STATUS The Altura GCS app provides a detailed overview of the aircraft status such as location, battery info and GPS PHOTOGRAMMETRY & MAPPING Easily pre-define flight grids, after launching the Zenith, software takes control, navigates and takes pictures according to grid. AUTOMATE WITH WAYPOINTS Fly autonomously along pre-defined flight paths and independently gather the required data AIRCRAFT HEADING LOCK This mode will cause the Zenith to remember which direction is “forward” so you don’t have to worry about the aircraft heading during flight FLYING MODES - DOG MODE & FOLLOW ME The Altura Zenith autonomously follows and films you when carrying GPS enabled GCS tablet. VIRTUAL FENCE & SAFE ZONES The Zenith can be flown within its virtual shelter of which it can’t leave the virtual pre-defined flight radius or maximum altitude. AUTO TAKE-OFF & LANDING Do not worry about take-off and landing. It is now possible to precisely start, take-off and land the Zenith by a flick of a switch AIRCRAFT CONFIGURATION The Altura GCS app enables you to adjust functions such as payload settings, cruise-speed, max-altitude and flight distance. MANUAL CONTROL Pilots can manually adjust the flight direction, cruise speed and have full control on all payload features from the ground. GPS ASSISTED FLIGHTS The pre-programmed switches allow the pilot to switch between various flight modes, such as GPS/Altitude hold, coming home and landing. AIRCRAFT TELEMETRY & STATUS The RF controller is provided with an build-in LCD status monitor, which provides you with the most important aircraft status information PAYLOD OR CAMERA CONTROL Pilots can remotely adjust the payload tilt and panning angle and have full control on all payload features from the ground at the same time. SPECIFICATIONS Propellers 8 X 16” Brushless Coaxial Motors LED Color Direction Indicators Quick Release Battery Tray 3K Carbon Fiber Construction Battery 22.2V - 20.000 mAh Length 23” Width 23” Tall 19” Weight 14.66 lbs. Payload Capacity 6.61 lb. Max Take Off Weight Drone and Payload 21.27 lbs. Range .62 miles Max Cruise Speed 44.73 mph Average Cruise Speed 11.18 mph (adjustable) Wind Conditions 35.79 mph. Weather Dry to light rain or snow Up to 40 minutes flight time Equipped with the latest high performance and high capacity battery, the Zenith can fly for up to 40 minutes. Largest Payload Virtually any payload can be adapted to fit the unique Altura Cardan payload connection. Automatic Flight Plan complex and repeatable flight plans from start to finish, both for mapping and inspections. Full HD Receive 1080P video on a dedicated screen and push it straight to an external monitor or the cloud through HDMI. Payload or Camera Control Pilots can adjust the payload tilt, panning angle and have full control of all payload features from the ground. Secure Both control links and the video transmission on the Altura Zenith are secured with various levels of encryption. EMC tested & IPX5 rated by TÜV Tested against TÜV industry standards, ensuring a safe operation in adverse weather and high electromagnetic fields. A+ High Level Redundancy Redundance propulsion & IMU's - 8 motors ensure redundancy by design, coupled with redundant IMUs you'll never be let down. Safety and redundancy With redundant IMUs and motors, the operator is dually prepared for a safe and uninterrupted flight. IPX5 tested and Rated by TÜV The TÜV IPX5 rating, ensures no disruption in heavy rain and dust, extreme hot and cool climates and heavy winds of up to 16 m/s. EMC tested and Rated by TÜV TÜV tested to guarantee safe operations with electromagnetic interference. Propulsion lifecycle Aerialtronics' motors have surpassed endurance expectations after flying for 720 hours consecutively without fault. Compatible With the largest payload compatibility and the simple and fast “click and go” system, it's the most flexible drone on the market. Customizable Multi Sensor compatible, 35+ cameras and sensors can be adapted Primary Ground Control GCS + HD link Joystick control (12-channel/2.4 GHz) Telemetry frequency Variable Video frequency 5.1 - 5.8 Ghz 7" HD live view monitor 2x Monitor power pack + charger HD encrypted video receivers GPS / Altitude Hold Auto take-off and landing Auto go home and landing GPS waypoint navigation Camera shutter and zoom Multiple camera switching Automatic fail-safe system (signal loss) Telemetry (data display) Battery voltage (V) Battery usage (mAh) Range / Signal status Camera point of interest GIS mapping Altitude & Distance Flight mode System state Joystick display Tablet Controller Auto take-off and Landing Auto Fly Home and Landing GPS Waypoint Navigation Camera Point of Interest GIS Mapping Battery Voltage (V) Height & Distance GPS Longitude/Latitude Coordinates Number of GPS Satellites Flight-Time (min) Joystick Display Battery Usage (mAh) Secondary / Payload Control Gimbal Package - Gimbal + Control cable Micasense RedEdge – Thermal / Multispectral Sensor Impressive Agriculture data at your fingertips The Multispectral sensor is an advanced, lightweight, multispectral camera optimized for use with the Altura Zenith. By combining the multispectral sensor with the Zenith, we provide accurate multi-band data for agricultural remote sensing solutions. The applications of the multispectral camera provide new perspectives on the health of crops. Agronomists can effectively detect and manage areas that need more attention for optimal output. Transport Case - Rugged transport case NOT INCLUDED - PAYLOAD OPTIONS FIT ANY PAYLOAD YOU PREFER The Zenith can be equipped with a wide variety of payloads, such as DSLR or cinema cameras, special sensors like thermal imaging, UV or multispectral cameras, sniffers and microphones. There are no restrictions in flexibility. You can fit any camera you choose. The Zenith will suit your application. CLICK ’N GO PAYLOAD GIMBALS Aerialtronics is a preferred supplier of the famous Photo Higher servo-driven gimbals, which are developed in New Zealand. Photo Higher provides maximum flexibility due to the compatibility of its AV200 and AV130 gimbals with medium and large-sized cameras. The clever servo-driven propulsion systems enable maximum image stability without having to adjust for the center point of gravity. The quality of your images is key. Therefore, stability is a must. The 2- and 3- axis brushless stabilized gimbals are especially developed for small to intermediate sized cameras that weigh up to 1 kg. Even cameras that lack proper optical (image) stabilization, like thermal cameras, can provide stabilized images with the brushless gimbal. The stable recordings alleviate the need for post stabilization and post-production, which leads to a significant time save. THERMAL VISION SENSORS With advanced thermal and vision cameras, the UAS records vast amounts of data for optimal workflow solutions. Developed by Aerialtronics, The Dupla Vista allows the pilot to switch between infrared thermal and vision cameras for specialist missions. This technology enables the pilot to timely evaluate, analyse and interpret data for tangible results. SNIFFER / VOC MONITOR The most advanced VOC capabilities on the market The VOC monitor is an advanced piece of technology that can be used for industrial hygiene, detection of gas leaks and hazardous materials. It is equipped with a photoionization detector with a detection range between 0-15.00 ppm, a three-second response time, embedded correction factors for more than 200 compounds, and a unique auto-cleaning sensor technology. The VOC monitor can analyses more chemicals at an unparalleled speed. Thanks to its dust-tight and waterproof casing, it can even be deployed in the harshest conditions. PHOTO CAMERAS / VIDEO CAMERAS WIDEST SENSOR RANGE ON UAV MARKET Altura Zenith unmanned aircraft system offers the perfect solution for stable aerial photography and film. The gimbal empowers the photographer or cinema director to shoot impressively stable pictures. Even if the camera attached to the gimbal is not equipped with a stabilizer option, it will shoot remarkably steady images. The unmanned aircraft system can fly up to 45min in conditions varying between heavy rain, beautiful sunshine, freezing snow and strong winds. At all times, the pilot can control the UAS and payload with hawk eye precision.