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  1. Hello everybody! I am planning and designing a drone that is going to have multiple devices attached/built-into it as well as the remote control. These devices include an arduino mega and a raspberry pi 4. The drone will also be FPV and constantly send a video feed back to a screen on the remote controller. I do not plan to use anything super fancy like GPS or wifi or anything like that for this project. So I will have 1 raspberry pi and 1 arduino attached to a remote controller as well as 1 raspberry pi and 1 arduino attached to the drone itself (note: the drone will still have its own flight controller and everything. The pi's and arduinos aren't actually flying the drone, they're to power additional features I am going to add onto the drone). I've heard that the FPV signal should be 5.8 GHZ so that's what I'm going to aim for. My question is this: How do I keep these signals from interfering with each other? It is my understanding from the internet research that I've done that 2.4 GHZ signals (which I'm planning on using for everything except FPV video in the design) will interfere with each other if there are too many of them transmitting and receiving data in the same area. Is there any way to make the signals "unique" so that they only transmit to the intended receiver? I'm fairly confident that I'd be able to build this drone, but I just need to figure out this conceptual question before I go spending any major money on components and whatnot. Thank you for any/all help!