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  1. With considerable cost savings, access to professional and experienced resources equipped with the latest instruments, and a favorable TAT, outsourcing Land Survey Drafting Services can be extremely beneficial (Turnaround time). Several land surveying firms have recently been looking at new ways to increase profit by lowering their CAD overheads by outsourcing survey drafting to a specialist CAD partner. Since land surveying is primarily seasonal, businesses are seeking to increase their return on investment by outsourcing services that are largely repetitive and must be completed quickly. This also allows them to devote more time to their core business operations. Here are Few advantages associated with Outsourcing: • Cost-Efficient, helps you save a big chunk on your CAD overheads • Access to skilled and experienced resources • Access to software expertise at Zero Setup Cost • Flexible, Scalable, and Hassle Free with no hiring and training of resources required • Competitive Advantage with Overnight TAT (Turnaround time). Taking advantage of the geographical time difference for a 24-hr. work cycle • Focus on your Core Competency rather than the repetitive work Small firms are always advised to choose Outsourcing for cost-saving and better resource management, hire a full-time dedicated CAD drafter and focus on your core activity of surveying. For Mid-Size can firms Scalability can be a boon of Outsourcing. Scale up or down in a jiffy as per your project requirements with no hassle of recruitment and training. For a Large firm outsourcing is more of a strategic alliance with a CAD partner to cut on cost and stay one step ahead in this competitive market. I would highly recommend INDOVANCE Inc for Outsourcing your Survey drafting requirements as they sincerely understand how survey drafts are a critical part of civil project development, and they do it with precision and skill. They work on all sorts of surveys, be it boundary survey, topographic survey, ALTA survey, route survey, telecom survey, control survey or permit survey. If you are looking for point cloud modeling (LiDAR) for mapping/modeling of terrestrial areas and corridors, they can definitely support you. A trusted experienced and specialized CAD partner who has been catering to the needs of the AEC industry since 2003 and delivering excellent service and value to its partners.
  2. I would highly recommend Indovance Inc, as they provide all sorts of Mechanical design, drafting, modeling, and analysis services to its clients. Whatever the nature of your project, their team of mechanical engineering experts is ready to assist you. From fabrication drawings of individual pieces of equipment up to 3D layouts of entire plants, they deliver detailed plans and precise data - on your schedule. Typically, they cater to clients ranging from - but are not limited to - Oil & Gas, Power, Petrochemicals and Refinery, Automotive, Machine, and Robotics Manufacturing industries. Some Benefits of working with INDOVANCE 17+ years of trusted partnership with global companies Lower your operating costs by as much as 54% Direct access to skilled design & drafting team Dedicated teams working on a project in 30 days or less Project acceleration option in case of project schedule change They align well with your culture & processes 3-Stage quality process to meet your quality standards Their offshore Indian operations are ISO 9001:2015 certified for quality Software expertise - Autodesk AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidWorks, Plant 3D, Ansys, Bentley MicroStation, Catia, Code ware Compress, Intergraph, PTC Creo, and more.