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  1. Thank you all! Keep it coming! You have given me much to study. I will keep you informed of progress. It will be slow as we are building a lot of IT infrastructure at the moment and this is but one little piece.
  2. My name is Gary and I know almost nothing about drones. I have a specific project and would appreciate expert guidance. We have a bunch of sensors in an area which is relatively flat. We are monitoring the conditions with sensors to look out for the health of animals. The sensors are about 1Km apart which makes IoT WiFi prohibitive. What we need is a drone that can be programmed to fly very near these data collection units and hold for a few seconds while the measuring device uploads data, then go to the next spot and so forth. The return "home" to deliver the data. The payload is a small WiFi router and a small computer, both powered by a smallish battery. Perhaps the whole thing is 1 to 1.5 Kg Could I get some suggestions on what equipment I should be looking for please? Regards, Gary