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  1. @ Alan Thank you. My goats will appreciate it when I locate them with the UAV and then feed them some goodies. I've flown my UAVs auto our ranch in the middle of nowhere but being within 5 miles of a small airport on our other property, I only feel comfortable flying with a tethered UAV and I'll check the apps you suggested.
  2. Sorry, forgot to add - I am a licensed UAV recreational pilot. I have a second property where I need to fly a tethered UAV and is within five miles of a towered airport, 9 miles from an Air Force base.
  3. I'm a licensed aircraft pilot although sold my airplane and do not fly. I am considering buying a tethered UAV to find livestock on my ranch. I have no intent nor interest in doing this commercially and as a longtime aviator, I simply wish to comply with the FAA requirements for what my specific use would be, but I'm not having any luck finding the specific regulation/CFR. None of my proposed flights would exceed 100 feet. I just need to look over trees and into creeks. Any leads will be greatly appreciated.