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  1. I had this problem on my new Holy Stone HS510 drone - it wasn't recording HD video to the little TF memory card while flying it using the controller (no phone connected - so no Android compatability issues possible) - and kept on saying the TF card wasn't formated, even though it was. I was using a flashy new 128gb memory card, so instead I pulled an old 16gb TF memory card from a dead surplus phone of mine, then reformatted all the android app junk off the 16gb memory card inside my PC, making sure it was 32 FAT formatting as this forum suggested ... result, the Holy Stone drone now records automatically to the ancient memory card, as good as gold. Not sure if the flashy new card was too big for the drone to cope with, it wasn't 32 FAT formatted, or what, but using the small-sized old SAN-disk TF memory card with 32 FAT formatting got the HD video recording to it fine. It's a nice cheap drone for the kids to mess around with, without worrying they'll drop it in the ocean, smash it etc.