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  1. I was looking at the cost of drone insurance. One company shows the minimum monthly cost of insurance at $42/mo. Who needs insurance. If/when you crash your drone just buy another one of these if you're not concerned over liability! Cool!
  2. While this is not as bad as that racist law in Georgia, it IS an infringement upon the rights of us drone operators to try to stop us from assisting real estate agents in selling their listings. I specialize in this type of drone photography and it's bad enough that we have to take that stupid Part 107 test for $150 every two years (e.g., why do we need to know what the markings on airport runways mean when we can't fly with 5 miles of an airport? Duh!). This ruling could determine whether those of us who are licensed to take drone photos for commercial use (at a great cost in time and money to study for and take their silly test) will be able to continue to make money for our services. Another case of stupid government overreach. It will merely encourage more "recreational" use for real estate photography instead of drone use by licensed pilots...