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  1. https://www.paypixl.io Hello everyone. My name is Emily and I work for Raven Spatial, a veteran-owned small business that focuses on location intelligence and specializes in the collection of crowdsourced drone imagery. Our team is developing an app for drone pilots called paypixl, a drone imagery marketplace that is built to help drone pilots boost their business and deliver georeferenced files in the most meaningful way. With paypixl, you’re able to create project folders that contain image, video, orthomosaic, 3D model, and document folders within each project. You can share these projects with your customers and have them pay you directly through the app. paypixl is 100% free for pilots. We take transaction fees from customers paying for their orders. We’re looking for users to pre-register and provide us with feedback on the app when it launches in June. If you’re interested, please pre-register by clicking the link at the top of this post or by visiting www.paypixl.io. Thank you.