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  1. That's hilarious. Thank you for that. The Board of Registration of Engineers and Land Surveyors IS the authority that defines what Surveying is. So they are the authority on what is and is not a survey. Like I said earlier, It sounds like sour grapes, if you want to by a drone and then provide work products that require a license, get the license, or change the law. Suing the board for not allowing competition is comical on its face, and the argument that their work product is Free Speech is almost more ridiculous. I could say... where does some standard committee get off telling people that if I drive a car I am somehow required to be licensed? I am perfectly able to drive and don't need big government stopping me. Sounds to me like the person in the article is trying to do just that, change the law. I just would not have thought to get a lawyer and sue the board for a wild charge, I would have contacted the board directly.
  2. You can complain about how its unfair and why can't I do what I want, and how government can't tell me what to do, all you want, even argue taking pictures is free speech (I think that's their #2 argument). BUT Its simple you have three choices: 1. Stop violating the law 2. Change the law 3. Obtain a Land Surveyors' License. (mic drop)
  3. I am a licensed surveyor in three states, and a Part 107 drone pilot. I read the article and what seems to be their main point in their complaint is Board is not allowing Competition. The Board is established to Protect the Consumers of the end product by ensuring the people producing it know what they are doing. You can split hairs in the legalize all you like but that is the intent. Its seems to me its similar to buying your own prescription pad writing some information on it and sign your name. There is nothing wrong with doing that for your own amusement but you just can't pass it off as something its not and bring it to the pharmacy to be filled, that's a crime. Sounds to me like sour grapes. You buy a drone and your automatically a professional photographer and mapper? Where was the outrage when the FAA told you that you have to be licensed to fly it, why isn't that also limiting competition?