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  1. Hi, I am new to the hobby and have decided to review my local ordinances where I live. The following ordinance where I live states: I'm curious as to what is defined as the public right-of-way. I have learned this can be any public space, such as the roads and sidewalks and the space / area above them. However, can this extend or include a personal vehicle parked on a public road? Such as my personal vehicle parked on a public street which I take off and land from? I don't have the ability to take off and land from my property so a public sidewalk would be the next option, which is prohibited. I often park and take off from the top of my personally owned vehicle. Am I within the city ordinance by doing so? If I were to gain consent to take off and land from a neighbors yard, it appears I will be in compliance with my local ordinance, correct? Any help or further insight into what defines a public right-of-way would be greatly appreciated.