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  1. Drones for Environmental Restoration Shortcourse May 10 - 13, 2021 in Logan, UT https://restoration.usu.edu/courses/DronesEnvironmentalRestoration Master data collection, processing, and analysis for environmental restoration using drones (UAV / UAS) in this 4-day short course. Students will learn how to collect and analyze data for multiple restoration applications, including wildlife, forest, rangeland, and river systems. Data analysis focuses on the visible, thermal, and multi-spectral sensors commonly mounted on drones and includes photogrammetry, change detection, and classification modeling. Topics include: mission planning for environmental restoration applications, drone and sensor demos, data collection, mosaicking imagery, developing digital surface models, approximating 3-D terrain, and analyzing data for restoration monitoring and decision-making. This course does not prepare students to take the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 107 commercial drone pilot license. Nor does this course teach the mechanics of flying drones. Drone flying experience (as a commercial drone pilot or as a hobbyist) and remote sensing experience are helpful, but not required. Participants can receive 3 Continuing Education Units (CEU) from Utah State University Principal Instructors: Sarah Null (course director) – Associate Professor, Watershed Sciences, Utah State University Curtis Gray – Restoration Consortium Director Cost: $500 Lodging (not included) available at the on-campus University Inn, or hotels / campgrounds in Logan, UT. COVID-19 Information: Given downward-trending COVID-19 infection rates and increasing vaccination availability, we anticipate holding this short course face-to-face. We will follow all recommended COVID-19 protocols, which may include some combination of masks, physical distancing for indoor instruction and in computer labs, outdoor instruction when possible, and open windows and reduced capacity in vehicles for field trips. If COVID-19 precautions necessitate canceling this course, we will fully refund course registration fees. For questions about the course, logistics, or registration, contact Sarah Null (sarah.null@usu.edu) or Curtis Gray (curtis.gray@usu.edu). WATS6900_Drone_shortcourse_flyer_FINAL.pdf