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  1. Right I have JPEG+RAW on but I'm not sure exactly what your point is just because that is for the photos I take not the videos?
  2. Yeah so my drone was set to 4k 24fps and this is a clip I took where I think the footage does not look as clean as 4k footage I have seen before. You could be right and maybe the drone sensor just isn't that great I'm not sure however it is very annoying how it seems like especially around the outline of the red lighthouse it almost seems like you can see the pixels. Thanks for any help I'm not sure if this is a problem that can be fixed. this clip is unedited
  3. Hello everyone, so I've been flying my DJI Mini 2 for fun a lot recently and I usually run the camera at 4k 24fps and the footage looks really good when I look at it on my phone but when I then get the footage on my pc the footage looks like a much lower resolution? I'm very confused and it is hard to edit my footage when I'm so distracted by the image quality, if anyone has any advice that would be great!