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  1. I agree. Keep an eye on the business. What kind of flying do you want to do? We have a drone worth $120.000 with a small FLIR mounted. This one is fixed winged... On the other hand I made a few bucks with a Cheerson CX-20 and a SONY camera on it. Buy a cheap drone that is rugged and can take some punishment. Practice is the key to everything.
  2. Hey guys, We are representing a number of European high quality drones and are currently looking for freelance drone pilots and sales reps for an exciting opportunity in the United States. If this have your interest please go ahead and check out the pdf that we have attached here and/or check out our website. Do feel free to ask if you have any questions. Also please note that I did ask for permission before posting here. Keep the blue side up Jakob aerial4pilotsearch.pdf