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  1. Marc - absolutely, I'd love to do that sometime. I plan on upgrading my P2V+ to the new P4 once they've been in the market a bit and DJI has a chance to make some firmware changes as always seems to happen after a new product launch. Let me know when you'd like to meet for coffee some time and share flying enthusiasm and experiences. Greg
  2. I believe that in action track mode, the Phantom 4 is looking for the object it is locked on originally. When the person went behind the flags, the Phantom couldn't "see" him so it went into pause mode. Had he reappeared in a few seconds, I believe the Phantom would have engaged again. This is different from Object Avoidance where the Phantom would attempt to go around or above the obstacle. Return to home would also go around or above to get back instead of simply stopping. At least this is my understanding.
  3. Here is a link to some more Phantom 4 information that I haven't seen on this forum yet. It's a very informative link with videos and pictures. I apologize if this is somewhere else on this site. Greg
  4. Thank you, Alan. Wouldn't Marc automatically be notified when I respond to his last reply?
  5. Hi Marc. Sorry I didn't see this earlier. I live in Countryside and work in Arlington Heights - not too far from you. I currently have a DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus and have been flying for a year now. I'm considering the new Phantom 4 that was just announced this week. I love to fly and capture video/pictures from unique perspectives. Much of my flying is over water and from places difficult to access. I'm always looking for more scenic places to fly. I have a lot of video from Florida and Lake Geneva and I'm planning on taking my drone to Aruba later this month. I'm made two music videos using Final Cut Pro X editing software. How about you?
  6. Thanks for sharing. I just sold my Phantom 2 Vision Plus V3.0 with the anticipation of purchasing the Phantom 4. Like anything new, there are little bugs to work out. I think I will wait a few months to make sure enough new models get out to the flying community and DJI updates get worked out before I re-purchase.
  7. Does anyone know if the GoPro hard case I have for my Phantom 2 will accommodate the Phantom 4 and controller? I understand the Phantom 4 landing gear is wider and the overall height is a bit more. I may also be selling my Phantom 2 Vision Plus V3.0. It's in perfect condition and 12 months old. Does anyone know the fair market value?
  8. I've used Final Cut Pro X successfully with no prior video editing experience. There is a training series (individual subject chapters) available on You Tube if you search Final Cut Pro X tutorial.
  9. I see drone video footage from Aruba on-line but can't find an answer as to whether it is legal/safe to do so. I'm going there at the end of March and would like to know if there are any rules/regulations against flying drones there. Also, the wind seems to consistently be in the 17-20 mph range so I'm wondering if it's even worth bringing my Phantom. I would appreciate any recent personal experiences. Greg from Chicago.
  10. Does anyone know if the yaw rate sensitivity of the stick can be adjusted in software for v3.0 on the Phantom 2 Vision Plus?
  11. The city should be in the title of the intro.
  12. Hi Alan - can you also suggest that the introductions include their city and state? That would make finding nearby drone pilots much easier for networking. Thanks. Greg
  13. I got a reply from DJI that said that with DHP enabled, you can't circle the home point by simply using roll left or roll right stick command in IOC home lock. They didn't say why not but I suspect it's because in DHP function, the home point may update up to every 2 seconds (depending on your iPhone) and it would be asking too much to fly a circle around a point that is ever changing that quickly. That makes sense to me. However, the P2V+ does have Dynamic Home Point which is very useful when flying from a moving boat. Should Return To Home be initiated for any reason, at least the drone won't be trying to fly back from where you originally launched it! I would also think that home point is also altitude dependent when it dynamically updates so it would hover somewhere above the water instead of landing in it (assuming you have enough battery power).
  14. I agree with Paul and Lewis. With GPS, the Phantom will hover vertically almost stationary. I would make sure that you don't maneuver the drone directly over your head to catch it. I position it at least 10 feet away (and walk to it) and high enough to have to reach up (in case it were to drift down unexpectedly). Just make sure to use your free hand to power down just the throttle (no need for CSC) while holding it stationary for 3 seconds. It will think it's on the ground and shut down the motors automatically. Catching it will prevent the wind from tipping it over when the props are slowing down and avoid prop damage with the ground when landing manually or automatically.
  15. I'll make the suggested change and see if that helps and report back. Thanks, Alan.