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  1. Agreed. That’s what I’ve been doing on early work days and and days off. Taking it to places and trying to make sure I can get around the geo fencing. Next step is to attempt approval for a fully restricted area and get some cool rarely seen shots. Lol
  2. That’s awesome. I saw the enterprise dji. I’m really considering the autel more because of lack of geo fencing. Approval from the FAA and done. Heard done horror stories of people not being able to work due to it. But I’m sure it’s extreme cases. I love the creative sexy shots and vid. Just not sure I’m enough of a creative to base it on that for me.
  3. Hey Chase, The most obvious answer would be real estate but anything that will allow me to fly safely will be done. Inspections. Surveying. Mapping. Photography and videography. Search and rescue. Though most of them will require an upgrade from the A2s. But it was the mid grade with a nice censor. The geo fencing is my only complaint. Several places I can fly but DJI has them shown as restricted and not authorized. Next drone will probably be the Autel duel. I’d like to move more into inspections. How about you? bill
  4. Just wanted to say hey since I just passed the 107 yesterday. Hope all are well and I’ll get to meet some of you in the DE area eventually. I decided to split the difference and buy a DJI air 2s since most of the larger drones are dji. Figure I should get used to the annoying geofencing now. I look forward to chatting with you all. bill