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  1. Hey guys. Ive been working on a project to conduct an assessment of various slope movement in my county. I utilized a variety of drones, a DJI M200 with DJI xt2 sensor and DJI Phantom 4, to capture the imagery, I want the paper that im writing to have applications of UAV photogrammetry analysis to investigate the varios causes of slope movement i.e slope, runoff, rainfall, etc and i also want to show measurements of gulleys, rockfalls and mudslides in the paper. Ive been using drone deploy, Pix4D and 3DF Zephyr to prcoess the imager and all have given me good results(3D models, DSM, ) but im stuck at how i can actually make these products work for this paper. I would like your help in basic and advanced analysis that could be suitable for such a project and also reference to more projects like this one that i can link this work with. Thank you