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  1. I think that’s where it gets murky, for me anyway. And forgive me if I’m not getting it. In Texas, they say it’s illegal to capture an image of someone’s private property. If I take my drone 70 meters in the air and take a photo, the odds of there being a house visible in the photo would be high. Unless I’m pretty far from society. It’s possible may have flown my drone over areas where people are walking, and I’d say it’s probably safe to say I can’t post those online or include them in any footage. But many shots I’ve taken might have cars or houses visible in the shot. I feel like these are stupid questions, but I’d feel more stupid if I didn’t bother asking, posted the image to Instagram or Twitter and wound up with some huge fine.
  2. Hi guys, I came here for, I assume, the same reason as a lot of folks: bought a drone and want tips/suggestions along with help/information on the legality side. I see so many different rules and regulations, that it can kinda be overwhelming. I live north of Dallas, Tx in a small town called Little Elm. I understand there are different rules and laws depending on location. To specify, I’m using a mavic mini 2 so it’s under 250g and it’s used solely for recreation. Maybe I can ask my questions here, while I’m at it. There may be a better place to ask these questions, I’ll look afterward. For example, I’ve heard about rules like.. you can’t fly over people. Is there a certain radius? Like if you fly over a lake and there are people in the shot, fishing, is that flying “over” them? Or if you’re shooting a flyover of an outdoor path and there’s people underneath the drone as you fly by. Additionally, I understand you can’t film people without their consent (right?), does that many any drone shots with people in them are a violation of this? It would make sense, but then it would mean footage of cities or any populated area with people walking around would be a violation of this. Maybe I’m getting that mixed up with just flying over someone’s private property. I feel like these are stupid questions, but I’ve seen so many people post about FAA fines and/or citations, I figure it can’t hurt to ask. Thanks!