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  1. Hey man! Awesome job getting to where you guys are! I'm in the process of getting my own part 107 licence and have created my own start up building and developing both traditional drones but also fixed wing UAVs....this is just my stepping stone though admittedly. I want to use electric and brushless full scale for affordable self flying cars!
  2. So I have started down the path of creating my own company here in Boston which will provide pilot for hire service, but also research and development into fixed wing and traditional drones technology. Have extensive general aviation knowledge, about 10k in parts and supplies and tools with an office downtown. I know of the various hurdles, especially for companies not named Amazon or UPS, that are in place through government. That said, I've lived in the city my whole life and have a pretty powerful presence with city and state officials. I'm pretty sure they would help to create this exciting and new sector for the city. Anyways, right now I'm looking for pilots with part 107 licenses(in the process of getting my own). They'd essentially get referments from me for jobs and hopefully as we grow I'll take on the best ones full time. I just need real life input of the hurdles I can expect and routes to avoid. Any advise and info helps! Thank you!