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  1. Common Pin Mavic 2 problems The Mavic 2 flycam battery problems are a worry. We should properly equip ourselves with knowledge about the use of Mavic 2 batteries. When abnormal signs are noticed, timely measures will be taken. In this article, Flyctech Accessories will refer to abnormal manifestations that occur on flycam batteries. Mavic battery cell drop 2 Battery cell drop is the phenomenon of the voltage level of in the battery cell decreases hem hem hem hemlessly. You can understand simply that in a Mavic 2 battery consists of many small battery cells. Over time of use, the phenomenon of battery bottles will appear leading to the voltage level in the battery cells is reduced. When the voltage in the battery cells there is a difference. Cells with higher voltages will have to supply more voltages to compensate for voltage reduction cells. This phenomenon is called battery cell drop Check the battery with DJI GO software The main causes of battery cell drop can be mentioned as: sudden temperature changes, long-term batteries not in use, improper charging of the battery.To check the condition of the Mavic 2 battery, you access the software. In it will clearly display the information of each Mavic 2 battery cell. Then rely on the disparity to conduct an assessment. In my experience, after checking the difference that the result is 0.03, it can be concluded that the battery cell is lagging. You can proceed with solutions such as replacing a Mavic 2 battery cell or purchasing a new Mavic 2 battery >>> Product information: Genuine DJI Battery Mavic 2 Inflatable Lithium Battery Battery Uses Chemical Reaction to Generate Energy. As the battery ages, this chemical reaction is no longer complete perfectly. Lithium batteries experience overheating, overcharging, or simply damage due to long service life. The cells inside the battery will likely emit an electrolysed gas mixture that can cause explosions. This is also the reason why the battery is designed to inflate: this is essentially a safety mechanism to ensure the air gas escapes causing an explosion. Mavic Battery Bulge 2 What causes the Mavic 2 battery cell inflatorAvic 2 battery charging product is poor quality: Poor quality charging makes the battery charging process longer than usual because they are designed with circuit boards that prevent the battery from absorbing all the power from charging. Frequently leaving the battery in a state of depletion: frequently leaving the battery in depletion below 10% makes the battery more susceptible to bottles because then chemical reactions can deplete the energy in the battery. Battery out of life: Battery usage is more than 12 months and after 500 charges, battery bulges may occur. Poor quality battery usage: this is also a cause of battery bulge. With a battery when the cell is inflated, it will no longer be safe for flight. If it is mild, you can replace 1.2 cells. However, when the battery has swelled up and affects the plastic shell. Then you should replace yourself with a Mavic 2 battery is the best option. Die battery circuit, start and charge not to power Board: is the most important and complex component of flycam battery. It contains information (ROMs) that can accurately identify the right type of battery. The board also includes protective circuits, charging circuits, battery power management chips, relays and jack heads in contact with flycams. Battery cells: each flycam battery has 3-5 cells depending on the type of battery. Each battery cell is essentially a 3.6 – 3.7V electric Li-ion battery with a rectangular, flattened capacity of 1000 mAh. Battery case: fixed function and cell protection, the board into a tightly mounted block, forming a complete flycam battery that we usually see. Charging circuit of mavic flycam battery 2 Those are the three main parts of a flycam battery. Always located inside and protected by flycam, the battery case is very rarely damaged, distorted ... However, battery cells and boards are difficult to avoid damage during use. Thus, the flycam battery is most often damaged in the battery cell unit, which is the main cause of the battery bottle. Besides, the board of the battery is also likely to break down for some reason. With this error, you just need to replace a new battery charging circuit to continue using the battery. Battery explosion Thanks to lithium batteries, we can use smart mobile devices all day as today. If compared to the same unit of volume, lithium batteries can store a much larger amount of energy than many other older batteries but when it is required to completely release energy it will create large explosions. This is also the reason that no matter how explosion-resistant technology develops, explosions caused by Lithium batteries still occur. Charging the battery at high temperatures is also a cause of battery explosion. The temperature not only affects the life of the machine, but it can also cause a start. In case you do not use it, but the machine is still hot, you need to try restarting the machine, if it still does not run out, please stop by the warranty center to check the machine. Overheating batteries are also a cause of battery explosion Strong collisions not only affect the outside of the machine such as bumps, ruptures, but sometimes due to too strong force will affect the internal components, leading to unexpected explosions. If you fall, remember to check if the machine has sudden heating or slow operation to determine the condition of the machine. If you have the above condition, you need to take the machine to the nearest warranty center for inspection. When the battery occurs this situation, the best way is to destroy and buy a new Mavic 2 battery. Possible consequences if using the damaged Mavic 2 Batterry Endanger The user if the battery has a fire or explosion problem. Many joked with each other, using a damaged battery like a time bomb. We don't know for sure when that battery will explode leading to confusion and anxiety. If unfortunately the battery explodes during the time we are not present to react in a timely manner, it will be very dangerous. In the process of use, the battery explodes, both the device and the user will be in danger Flycam can fall at any time if trying to use a damaged battery Causing economic and emotional damage to the user on the damaged battery itself. As mentioned above, the Mavic 2 battery explodes unexpectedly during use. We will not be able to respond in time to the incident that took place. The device that is using that battery will definitely be damaged. Both the operator and the observer are in danger and affect the mentality. You will have to spend a lot of repair costs to restore your flycam. There is a risk of falling off the Mavic 2 flycam during flight and endangering people around. Once taken off, any potential dangers may occur. Fire and explosion of batteries in flight is a serious incident that will affect your flycam a lot. A burning battery can only be removed, but to fix the flycm is a big problem for you. Or you can not even fix the flycam if the battery explodes
  2. Top 5 old Drones to buy in the price range below 10 million in 2020 Do you have about 10 million on hand and want to buy used Drones? Do you not know with this money which Drone model is best or best for you? To buy a Drone in the price range of 10 million, you will have many options both old and new. However, in this article we will suggest you the top 5 old Drones to buy in the price range below 10 million in 2020. >> See also: Top 5 new Drones priced at 10 million in 2020 Continuing, usually the delicious-tonic-cheap element will not go together in the same new product, peeling boxes, breaking seals and especially for technology goods such as Drone. But for the old Drone, 3 "delicious-cheap" factors are quite likely to happen on the same product if you equip yourself with a necessary understanding before making a decision. Stop barbarous, let's take a look right below Table: Top 5 old Drones priced at 10 million in 2020 >>> Reminder: Here is a long summary article, take 5 minutes to read – understand and capture information for the whole of 2020. Then ok, let's go find out in more detail about each of these 10 million old Drones that have characteristics suitable for your needs or desires to own as "imagined". Well, forget it, the old machine is real, but you still have to keep in mind that ==> Theold Drone is a used machine for a while but the machine is not peeled zin, no faulty and the battery should be less than 50 charges / tablets. Old Drone – Old Drone Mavic Mini Fly More Combo Drone Mavic Mini is no longer the latest name to be launched with DJI, but it has not been cooled down by the new purchase price as well as the features equipped in its tiny body of only 249g. The old Drone Mavic Mini is a good choice in the price range of 10 million Before buying the old mini mavic, just remember simply: · The SS5 is a 4km mavic mini · The SD25 is a 2km mini mavic. These two versions differ only in the above characteristics, both have a single purchase plan (1 battery) and 1 combo package of 3 batteries, 1 charging hub 3 ports. Check out some of the Mavic Mini specifications · Body weight: 249g · Size: 245*290*55mm (Length*width*high) when opened and winged · Compact size: 140*82*55mm · Flight speed: 13m/s (Sport mode), 8m/s (P mode), 4m/s (mode C) · Gimbal 3 axis anti-vibration · Camera 12MP –2.7K – f / 2.8, FOV 83 degrees · Control range: 2km (SD25), 4km (SS5) · Maximum height: 499m · Li-po 2S battery: 2600 mah for 30 minutes of theoretical flight and 27 minutes of safe actual flight. Should buy the old mini mavic fly more combo? With the above parameters when buying a new product, you will definitely not need to worry too much (peeling seals, there is nothing to think about). When you are stocking up on where to sell the old mini mavic if you check that the quality status is about 90% - 95% of the flight is stable, pay the price of about 8.5 million - 9.5 million and then hug quickly but before he sells regrets. Well, having lost the job of choosing the old Drone, what crime does not choose to take the old Mavic Mini SS5 and fly more combo package ! still less than 10 million. As for what the combo package includes, you learn more about yourself. In conclusion, the Mavic Mini seems best suited for those who bring it with them to travel, shoot landscapes or have legendary compressed scenes at the beach is very good. As for the event service, it seems "a bit blunt" so to force the price of customer service is not high. Old Drone – Old Mavic Air Basic 1 Battery It must be said that DJI products in the Drone village are like Mr. Apple in the phone world. Although its products have been out for a few three years, its price has not dropped as badly as others (Android – hehe style). Mavic Air launched in January 2018 but called about 3 years 2018 to the players in Vietnam, up to now, it has been hated for nearly 3 years but still has to say that Mavic Air still has a huge number of users. It is the design of the lovely fat "exterior" and the quality camera that knocks out the Mavic Pro (blurry-eyed british dick) that has previously helped the Mavic Air always be placed on the scales every time it comes to the Mavic Pro. So is the old Mavic Air a good choice? Before answering, let's find out Old Drone Mavic Air has good camera quality in the price range of 10 million Specifications: · Body weight: 430g · Size: 168*184*64mm (Length*width*high) when opened and winged · Compact size: 168*83*49mm · Flight speed: 13m/s (Sport mode), 8m/s (P mode), 4m/s (mode C) · Gimbal 3 axis anti-vibration · 12MP camera – 4K 30fps – f / 2.8, FOV 83 degrees – 24mm lens · Control range: 4km but in fact only 2.5 km is happy · Maximum height: 499m · Li-po 3S battery: 2375 mah for 21 minutes of theoretical flight and 18 minutes of actual safe flight. · Internal memory: 8 GB Also part of DJI's "mavic format" group, Mavic Air also has 2 packages: The Mavic Air basic 1 battery and a fly more combo with 3 batteries, 1 charging hub with 3 ports and 1 carrying bag. In general, with 10 million, no one sells the old Mavic air combo because it is currently priced somewhere around 13.5 million - 15 million, so with a limited amount of 10 million, it is ok to think of a basic 1 battery. Many of you also ask, what does a battery fly? Well, that's also true, a battery is flying cravings but it must also be said that if it is limited to 10 million, believe me, buying an old mavic air basic 1 battery is not a bad choice, just buy to get used to it and buy 1 - 2 more cheap old batteries or >> Click to buy: New Mavic Air Battery, hehe. Summing up the old Mavic Air buying about traveling to film a little scene, it is also called a lot of coffee, not to mention if using it as an event service is also very ok. Old Drone – Old Phantom 4 It is still a story of more than 4 years that the basket price still does not hit the bottom of the old DJI Drone lines. The Phantom 4 has been available since March 2016, so it can be considered as Apple's Iphone 6s. The old Phantom 4 costs about VND 10 million in extremely cool quality at the moment Specifications: · Body weight: 1380g · Size: 4090*4090*2160mm (Length*width*high) when opened and winged · Flight speed: 20m/s (Sport mode), 6m/s (P mode), 4m/s (mode C) · Gimbal 3 axis anti-vibration · 12MP – 4K 24fps – f / 2.8 camera, 94 degree FOV – 1/2.3" CMOS lens · Control range: 5km but actually only 3 km · Maximum height: 499m · Li-po 4S battery: 5350 mah for 27 minutes of theoretical flight and 23 minutes of actual safe flight. Sure, reading this type of parameters many beginners can not imagine but it is convenient for me to briefly see that this old Phantom 4 used to be the flag-ship of DJI immediately after its launch (actually, DJI is almost flag-ship @@ except Tello and Spark). The old Phantom 4 that reaches 80% without repair will cost 8-9 million In summary, with the quality of cameras and gimbal, the two names above are not old to compare, Phantom 4 has extremely good lagoon and wind resistance, so many brothers in the industry ... studio option when buying old Drone for event service. The phantom 4's equipment is quite bulky and heavy if you have to travel by long-distance motorbike. If you choose to buy the old phantom 4 for entertainment and travel, make sure you have the strength to take it with you during the trip. Well, yes, there is good information that the old Phantom 4 now they often use the higher capacity Phantom 4 pro Battery – 5870 Mah to fly longer than 4 minutes and the wings are stable of the Phantom 4 Pro V2 but their price as well as the "dark" goods only. What crime does not upgrade the new without giving a difference. >> See also: Phantom 4 Pro battery >> See also: Phantom 4 Pro V2 wings reduce noise Old Drone – Drone Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE Looking upwards, all of DJI and all hot-sellers of the company after launch – it is "boring". Fortunately, now we have an old Drone option in addition to the above "boring" name is Drone Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE. The new price of Drone xiaomi fimi X8 Se is about 500 USD ~ 11 million VND. Is the old Drone Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE a rival to the Mavic Mini? Detailed parameters: · Body weight: 1280g · Size: 4090*4090*2160mm (Length*width*high) when opened and winged · Flight speed: 18m/s (Sport mode), 5m/s (P mode), 4m/s (mode C) · Gimbal 3 axis anti-vibration · 12MP – 4K 30fps – f / 2.8 camera, 94 degree FOV – 1/2.3" CMOS lens · Control range: 5km but actually about 5 km is not dare to fly anymore · Maximum height: 499m · Li-po 4S battery: 4500 mah for 35 minutes of theoretical flight and 31 minutes of safe actual flight. · Ability to fly under rain : Yes If you have learned earlier, the Drone Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE is considered as a photo-point Drone and the king of the $500 segment in the international market based on the experience when compared to Mavic Air or other Drones from Parrot of France. But come on, that's the old story, now fimi X8 SE is comparing with the Mavic Mini. Mavic Mini vs Drone Xiaomi X8 SE To choose from, the Drone model from Xiaomi at the moment will be a bit short of breath compared to DJI's Mavic Mini in terms of a few features but it can not be said that the Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE loses. In summary, this Drone model has better camera quality, gimbal and wind and water resistance than DJI's Mavic Mini. Suitable for dual objectives such as Mavic Air is travel and event service. >> Click more : Detailed comparison of Mavic Mini and Drone Xiaomi X8 SE If there are 7 – 8 million that need to buy the old Drone, I also do not recommend you skip the letter DJI to aim for the Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE Drone right away, but see immediately this equally attractive option below. Old Drone – Old Phantom 3 pro Again DJI here, assuming there are only 6-7 million in the bag at the moment that want an old Drone to play to meet the delicious - complementary - cheap criteria, I immediately recommend finding the old Phantom 3 pro to play. Although it has been out for more than 5 years (around April 2015), if placed on the scales compared to quality embankments with expensive mavic series, no one knows anyone more. And this is also the last name named in the top 5 old Drones under 10 million should buy. Should I buy the old Phantom 3 pro Drone in 2020? A few specifications about Phantom 3 pro · Body weight: 1280g · Size: 4090*4090*2160mm (Length*width*high) when opened and winged · Flight speed: 16m/s (Sport mode), 5m/s (P mode), 3m/s (mode C) · Gimbal 3 axis anti-vibration · 12MP – 4K 24fps – f / 2.8 camera, 94 degree FOV – 1/2.3" CMOS lens · Control range: 5km but actually only 3 km · Maximum height: 499m · Li-po 4S battery: 4480 mah for 25 minutes of theoretical flight and 21 minutes of actual safe flight. Should you buy the old Phantom 3 pro or the old Phantom 4? In summary, the Phantom 3 pro has quite similar parameters to the Phantom 4 mentioned above. If you already consider the Phantom 4 as Apple's Iphone 6, consider the Phantom 3 Pro as the Iphone 5S (plus if Apple has a hehe). And it is not very suitable for long trips by motorbike when it has to be carried about 5-6kg behind. If you do a service that needs good equipment to make videos and images like distilled water, buying old phantom 3 is also a perfectly good choice when finance is only 6-7 million. Usually, when buying the old Phantom 3 pro, it is recommended to choose which one sells 2-3 batteries, the better there are backpacks. Then focus on bargaining to add only 2-3 million (depending on the number of batteries and accessories) is enough old Drone sets to turn the service boring. If you want a new battery, Click buy: The new Phantom 3 battery is 100% dyke. So, thank you for refer to the top 5 old Drones worth buying in 2020. If your finance is tighter at 5 million, click: >>: Top 5 mid-range Drones under 5 million should buy for beginners in 2020 or >>: Top 5 old Drones priced at 5 million in 2020
  3. Synthesis of old top flycam DJI should buy in 2021 because the price is too bargain Entering 2021, the flycam market is volatile with the arrival of new products: DJI Air 2S, Mini 2 or FPV Drone. Not only the professional flycam market, but even the cheap mid-range flycam market has a lot of volatility. The old flycam price was much better and easy to buy. Old flycam at a good price is a product suitable for new flycam players. In this article, good price flycam accessories will suggest you the old flycam products worth buying in 2021. Top old flycams worth buying in 2021 Old Mini Mavic Old Mavic air Old Mavic air 2 Mavic mini 2 old Old Mavic pro Mavic 2 old zoom Analysis of the reasons for buying the old DJI flycam in 2021 Important factors to decide if an old flycam product is worth buying in 2021: Features required for a flycam product We are users who spend money to experience the most advanced features on the product. Therefore, a high-priced product often comes from features and finishing quality. Features that the flycam must have: automatic altitude retention, Emergency throttle break on impact, avoidance sensor, auto takeoff/landing, automatic return and GPS positioning. The above features are all equipped on DJI flycam models. Automatic altitude retention: In order to provide maximum support for players easily, most drones and flycams are now equipped with altitude sensors – helping the aircraft perform the step of stabilizing the altitude in the air. Beginners will just need to get used to the navigation, not having to perform too many operations compared to previous drones. Currently, flycams under 1 million have also been equipped with this sensor. However, the level of accuracy is relative in the price range. More advanced sensors will be applied on Mavic mini, Mavic Air/ air2, mavic pro/2pro, ... Emergency gas shutoff onimpact: 90% of failures after collisions come from engines, gears, ... very rarely do these problems come from the board. This was mostly due to the fact that after the collision, the engine did not disconnect itself, resulting in wing jams causing engine fires and gear breakage. Understanding these losses of consumers, many manufacturers have integrated an emergency gas shutoff feature on the controller. With just simple operations on the engine control hand of the aircraft will free itself off without having to pull the throttle down as usual. Therefore, when the plane has an accident that causes this function wing jam is really useful Obstruction avoidancesensor: Avoid obstructions that provide a safer flight, the system will automatically scan within a radius and set a safe distance to the point of impact. In addition, we also have many upgrades such as the subject-based follow feature, for example. DJI is the best company in terms of obstruction recognition on their products. Return and GPS positioning: Many lines of drones and flycams have a very long range, can fly outside the wifi range of the camera, making it difficultto control the aircraft back. With the return function, with the push of a button, the aircraft will automatically soar to avoid obstacles and go straight towards the wave direction of the controller. Very useful when the drone, flycam flies out of sight. Note that this function should only be used in spacious spaces, not in places with high-rise buildings with many obstacles. Auto takeoff/landing:This is a feature that minimizes operation for users. With the push of a button, the drone and flycam will take off to the appropriate position. With the push of a button, the aircraft will be landed incredibly smoothly. Usually, during takeoff, the aircraft does not reach the required height, the wind from the propeller blows down causing the jet to tilt and slant. This makes it more or less difficult for beginners. When you land, you may experience the same situation. However, with the built-in automatic take-off / landing feature this becomes extremely easy. Gimbal camera quality and flying experience: Features like the one we mentionedabove will help you have an incredibly safe flying experience. The quality of gimbal cameras on high-end flycam products is very good. The 3-axis anti-vibration gimbal system is an indispensable standard on every DJI flycam. Combined with it is a high-resolution camera system from 1080p, 2.7K and 4K. Purchase price: Compared to the new DJI flycam products, the old DJI flycam – like new has a better price of about 20%. While you still get the best flying experience and features on the product. You can refer to the old flycam price below of the products available at Phukienflytech shop Mavic mini combo - old: VND 8,950,000 Mavic air combo - old: 14.500.000 VND Mavic air 2 combo - old: VND 23,490,000 Mavic mini 2 combo – old: 11,850,000 VND Mavic pro combo – old: 15,950,000 VND Mavic 2 zoom combo – old: VND 29,950,000 Who should buy: Old Flycam is usually the choice of beginners to learn flycam buying and to experience first. Compared to buying new products, buying flycam – likenew will save you much more. The second object of that product group is players who experience flycam. They themselves want to experience the playing sensation of many different product lines. So they find old flycam product lines to experience at a good price. They can then sell and switch to another model. Let's start with us, Good price flycam accessories will analyze the outstanding features on each flycam model. From there, you can rely on it to choose for yourself an old flycam – like new to suit your needs and economy. Let's start with us. Mavic Air 2 old combo Outstanding flycam mavic Air 2 specifications Sensor: 1/2-inch CMOS Weight: 570 g Resolution: 48MP Maximum operating distance: 10 km Maximum flight time: 34 minutes Focal length/Aperture: 24mm F2.8 Maximum flight speed: 19 m/s Mavic Air 2 Flight Experience Review Stability is what the Mavic Air 2 brings when used after a period of flight. With a basic player and just starting to see that the speed of the Mavic Air 2 rarely uses Sport mode. But from a personal touch, even in normal mode, the Mavic Air 2 has flown very fast. Optimized for users, the Mavic Air 2 combo set offers enough accessories for players. The new dashboard with a larger battery capacity, easier to manipulate and handle. Wind resistance is also a plus of the Mavic Air 2. I took the machine to 500m and continued the recording process, the results returned very well and without any difficulties. Flying for a day with thunderstorms until the wind level 5, DJI Mavic Air 2 warned and suspended the flight process. HDR mode in practice is also very positive, meeting the needs of entertainment and amateur movie shooting. In Slowmotion recording mode, 240fps of really good quality can be said to eat off handheld filming devices today. However, the Mavic Air 2 does not have the ability to adjust the focal length to overcome that you can use the ND32 or ND64 filter directly to improve Price: Mavic Air 2 Combo Old Mavic Air 2 fly more Combo – New currently has a price of about VND 24 million. Meanwhile, the old Mavic Air 2 combo is being sold at Phukienflytech at a price of about VND 20 million. >>> See more: Details of the old Mavic Air 2 here >>> See also: Genuine Mavic Air 2 accessories here Old Mavic Mini 2 or Old Mavic Mini Combo The old Mavic Mini duo and DJI Mini 2 are also worthy of being on the list of top flycams to buy in 2021. Let's take a look at these two compact flycams. The first time we know about the Mavic Mini is in the last days of December. The arrival of the Mavic Mini has created a craze in the flycam world. Carrying the "lightest flycam in the world" with only 249g of weight . DJI Mavic Mini became one of the hottest items on the market at the time. Following the success of the DJI Mavic Mini, DJI continued to release the Mini 2 with many notable improvements. Mini 2 keeps the same compact design as the DJI Mavic Mini, a mid-range price but possesses all the outstanding features such as high-quality video recording, powerful vibration resistance and many smart flight modes, this new Flycam is expected to be the first choice of photographers or cinematators today. Specifications: Mavic Mini Sensor: 1/2.3 inch CMOS Weight: 249 g Resolution: 12MP Maximum operating distance: 4 km Maximum flight time:30 minutes Focal length/Aperture: 24mm F2.8 Maximum flight speed: 13 m/s Specifications: Mini 2 Weight: 249 g Maximum operating distance: 10 km Ocusync 2.0 Video resolution: 4K 24/25/30 fps - 2K:2.7 K: 2720 × 1530 25/30p - FHD: 1920 × 1080 25/30/50/60p 1/2.3 inch CMOS Camera Sensor Positioning: GPS + GLONASS Battery Capacity: 2S 2250 mAh LiPo Battery Maximum flight time: 31 Minutes Charging time: About 90 minutes Altitude sensor: Yes (Stable operation at 10m) Top speed: 16 m/s (Air-to-air conditions) Wind resistance: Level 5 Features featured on Mavic Mini || Mini 2 Mavic Mini Product design: This is the smallest and lightest drone ever built by DJI. Compared to spark's small design, the DJI Mavic Mini has more advantages. The DJI Mavic Mini inherited the design of the previously successful DJI Mavic series. Camera quality & gimbal: The DJI Mavic Mini offers 2.7K video recording and a camera system with a 1/2.3-inch sensor. The Dji Mavic Mini can be recorded in 2.7K at 30fps, recording 1080p at 60fps and a 12MP camera. A powerful configuration compared to a compact design Like other DJI flycams. The DJI Mavic Mini also features a built-in 3-axis gimabl that stabilizes the camera, delivering smooth footage of superior quality and limiting vibrations. Although as a mini product does not invest too much. But DJI still shows that product perfection in the price range is always number one DJI Mini 2 Product design: Weighing less than 250g makes it possible to operate in most areas without a permit. With that in all, the DJI Mini 2 is also manufactured with a similar design and weight of 249g. Camera quality & gimbal: The same DJI Mini 2 sensor as on the DJI Mavic Mini model is a 12MP 1/2.3-inch resolution CMOS. In the new version, we easily notice the 4K logo right on the camera cluster. That means the DJI Mini 2 is capable of recording 4K/30fps instead of 2.7K/30fps. With this change of parameters, Mini 2 becomes a very sought-after product. Flycams are often outdoors and are greatly influenced by the wind, which makes them easy to vibrate when filming. To overcome this problem, the DJI Mini 2 has integrated a 3-axis Gimbal camera stabilization, which helps to prevent camera shake, improve image quality, for smooth, sharp footage even in unfavorable weather conditions. DJI Mavic Mini || Mini 2 Dji Mavic Mini: In fact, the Mavic Mini camera brings fresh and realistic colors to the image although according to the specifications it is only 2.7K. Explaining the color according to your own feelings is fresh, flattering. The gimbal system also performed very well, feeling smooth as on the expensive flying device Mavic 2 series. Under normal weather conditions, the Gps system of the Mavic Mini works stably and very accurately. The Mavic Mini can resist level 4 prices. One point that still exists on the Mavic Mini is that data transmission by wifi so at a distance will be a bit lag and good at moderate transmission. But above the Mavic Mini 2 this problem was solved when equipped with ocusync 2.0. Mini 2: DJI Mini 2 is equipped with ocusync 2.0 system to help transmit data from longer distances faster. Practice shows that the signal responds very quickly and there is no lag. DJI brings a 4K camera to a mid-range product that has made DJI Mini 2 a truly breakthrough product compared to its predecessor. The wind resistance of the DJI Mini is also at a better level than that of the DJI Mavic Mini which is at level 5. Old DJI Mavic Mini sale price – likenew and old Mini 2 – likenew The old DJI Mavic Mini is being sold at Phukienflytech for: VND 8,950,000 The old Mavic Mini 2 is being sold at Phukienflytech for: VND 11,850,000 >>> See also: DJI Mavic Mini || Mini 2 here >>> See also: Genuine Mavic Mini series accessories here Flycam Mavic Pro old combo General specifications Weight: 743g Dimension: 83x83x198 (mm) Top speed: up to 65km/h Maximum takeoff speed: 5m/s Maximum landing speed: 3m/s End of flight: 27 minutes (flying at 25km/h), 24 minutes (windless), 21 minutes (normal flight) Maximum flight distance: 13km/h Navigation System: GPS/GLOSS Camera: 12MP (60mbps) Movie Recording: 4k HD1080 Battery capacity: 3830 mAh Outstanding features DJI Mavic Pro The image quality from Mavic's camera is generally very good in bright enough conditions. Sharing the same sensor as phantom 4, Mavic noise in ISO ranges bears many similarities. However, Mavic's white balance and compression algorithm seems to be different, so in the same shooting conditions, different tones are released. Another huge advantage of the Mavic camera is that the position of the Camera in front of the camera makes Mavic very rarely poked into the clip by the propeller (see clip review on top of the post). I just hope DJI can apply this mavic improvement to all of its later products because there is nothing as unpleasant as a perfect shot to bring back to the viewer to discover oh, only to be poked at the beginning of the video by the propeller. The current Mavic 2 series versions have been adjusted and changed. DJI has listened to users more and brought a product that approaches perfection. Product Price: Mavic Pro Combo Old Currently, Mavic Pro Combo – New has ceased production and no longer appears on the shelves of DJI Store. The products on the market are mostly in the form of old – like new. Phukienflytech is pleased to be a unit specializing in distributing old flycams – like new with the best price and quality. With the old Mavic Pro – likenew is being sold at Phukienflytech with price: 15,950,000 VND. >>> See more: DJI Mavic Pro Combo – old here >>> See also: Genuine DJI Mavic Pro accessories here Who should buy the old Mavic Pro With Mavic Pro, DJI has created an amateur drone camera that is almost perfect in every way. If you are a "backpacker" in need of a compact, easy-to-fly, easy-to-shoot drone and beautiful videos, please believe me, you will not find a better option than Mavic Pro. Mavic Air old combo Specifications 1/2.3" CMOS Sensor F2.8 24mm Lens 12MP resolution 4K/30p video recording Full-HD video recording up to 120 fps 32 megapixel sddd landscape mode HDR shooting mode Maximum flight speed 68km/h Fly up to 5,000m above sea level Maximum flight time 21 minutes Mavic Air Highlights Mavic Air debuted on January 23, 2018 at its Adventure Unfolds ceremony. At the time of launch Mavic Air scored with many breakthroughs. The size is halved, the weight is reduced by 41% compared to the Mavic Pro. Because the Mavic Pro is already compact, the Mavic Air is now even more compact. The specifications are quite impressive compared to the small size of this Drone. The camera retains the same specifications as the Mavic Pro: 1/2.3 CMOS sensor, 24mm F2.8, 12 Mp resolution as mentioned above. Some other outstanding features of Mavic Air were also introduced such as Slow Motion 120 fps recording, Panorama 32 MegaPixels photography, an upgraded Active track feature that can identify multiple objects at once, Quick Shot flight modes such as flying circles around objects, flying in a vortex trajectory, going straight up, ... There are also some new flight funtions such as Asteroid (flying around the subject and taking 360-degree photos), Boomerang. Who to buy the old Mavic Air for This is a great drone if you are a compact person who can easily carry it with you on the outing, it gives very good movie and photo quality. Its disadvantage is that the short range and flight time is only about 17 minutes, want to fly longer, buy more batteries, 1 Mavic Air to improve Old Mavic Air sale price – like new The new Mavic Air has now been withdrawn from DJI's display shelves. So there aren't many new mavic Air products left. Most of the products nowadays are old ones – likenew used. The old Mavic Air at Phukienflytech is currently sold at an extremely attractive price from: 14,500,000 VND >>> See more: Old Mavic Air Combo products – Like new here. >>> See also: Genuine Mavic Air accessories here Flycam Mavic 2 Zoom Combo - Old Specifications • Sony IMX226 sensor • 12MP Camera Resolution • 1/1.7" CMOS sensor size •Rotate up to 4K @ 60fps 100Mbps 10 bit, 1080P image transfer • Focal length and aperture: 24mm F2.8-11, 2x optical zoom • Maximum flight time of 31 minutes, maximum control distance of 8km Featured Features Mavic 2 Zoom Mavic 2 Zoom's ability to record dolly zoom effects is one of the money points on thismodel. This is considered the exclusive and outstanding feature of the Mavic 2 Zoom. With this feature, DJI's next-generation Drone offers the ability to shoot Dolly Zoom as professionally as in famous Hollywood movies. Dolly Zoom is the mode that automatically adjusts the focus, allowing zooming into the object, while dilating or narrowing the background around, for creative, unique and engaging footage Mavic 2 Zoom for those who Like its brother, the Mavic 2 Zoom remains the best consumer drone for anyone who needs professional footage from the travel-friendly form factor. The decision between this and the Mavic 2 Pro depends on the type of subject you want to capture. If you don't mind having a fixed Mavic 2 Zoom focal length at 24mm - and this wide-angle field is suitable for most air photography activities - then you might prefer the slightly superior image quality of the Mavic 2 Pro. The Mavic 2 Zoom is easy to fly thanks to its built-in technology and intelligent flight modes that make it possible to perform certain video effects at the touch of a button. Image quality, for both stills and videos, is also good enough for professional use despite the small sensor, but the real jewel in the crown of the Mavic 2 Zoom is an optical zoom lens. In this sense, it is still quite unique in the field of folding drones, intended for consumers Mavic 2 Zoom Combo – Old likenew Mavic 2 Zoom flymore combo new genuine currently has a fairly high price range: 35,000,000 VND. The choice of old mavic 2 zoom at Phukienflytech shop only from: 29,950,000 VND will help you save more. The savings from buying flycam you can invest in mavic accessories 2 zoom to enhance the playing experience >>> See more: Mavic 2 Zoom Combo product details – Old likenew here >>> See also: Genuine Mavic 2 Zoom Accessories here Where is the reputable old flycam shop committed to warranty in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City (HCM), nationwide? Nowadays, as the game of drones is increasing. The need to own a flycam accordingly is also more. In the past, it was relatively difficult to find flycams and new flycams or portable flycams from abroad had quite high prices. But now we have more choices that are from flycam like-new products, old flycams, refurbished flycams,... with cheaper prices and comparable experience performance. Most of the shops selling flycam, or selling flycam accessories are in big cities such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang,... to meet the needs of flycam players. In big cities such as Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, a large number of flycam players contribute to a community passionate about flycam. Therefore, buying flycam in Hanoi or buying flycam in Ho Chi Minh is convenient and simple. Good price flycam accessories were born to meet the flycam needs of those who share the same passion for this sport in Ho Chi Minh City area. Haiphong. In addition to the new flycam models, we also offer flycam like-new, refurbished flycam products,... used with machine condition from 95-99% with very good price. Flycam accessories models of the DJI Phantom series, DJI Mavic series,.. are present at the shop Good price flycam accessories Purchases in Hai Phong Customers wishing to buy flycam or flycam accessories in Hai Phong can contact the hotline: 0965.895.885 , or contact Facebook, website,staff are always ready to support purchases and answercustomers' questions. For customers in neighboring provinces who can buy online, we Ship COD nationwide to check the goods and pay the commitment to product quality exactly as discussed and described. Repair flycam in Hai Phong With products from DJI brand, we have flycam repair service when your flycam has technical problems. You can contact the Hotline number of phukienflytech:...... to inform about the status with the shop and arrange the time through the shop to carry out replacement and repair for guests in Hai Phong. For those who are farther away who want to repair, it is possible to pack the machine into a backpack or bag and give it to the shop at:..... Our Commitment: Flytech Accessories Vietnam For drone products - flycam The product is 100% imported from DJI's level 1 distribution companies from Shenzhen through machine pressure test as well as all hardware and software before being imported and trading in Vietnam Like New standard products 95%-99% The product has not been replaced with any original components. The product does not have any 1 error due to the previous use process For flycam accessories Genuine goods DJI, PGYTECH, SUNNYLIFE,.. warranty policy after purchasing the product For flycam repair service Accurately assess the extent of equipment failure The replacement components are all genuine DJI components Best price Let Fly-cam Accessories Good Price to support your passion, work, help you add excitement in your passion as well as your work more smoothly