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  1. Okay, so I am a newbie. I misplaced my license, three years ago and my Parrot Bebop 2 sat in the box for three years. Then the Fed sent me a renew notice. Yea! The battery is haz waste, but I got a new one and the thing still flies. I am just starting to fly it. I flew it in my yard a couple of times. Lost the signal twice too... eventually figured out how to regain control and managed to land it safely one of the times. It is a robust little creature anyway. It still works!?! Anyway I live in the middle of a pretty wide free airspace zone, so tomorrow morning, since the wind is easy, I am taking it to a public park. Mostly a baseball field (early) to practice a little more, where the sky is more clear of trees and houses. It is a tiny city park, not a State park and there are no "NO Drones" signs anywhere to be found, so I am going for it. It is no different than any other of the county parks listed for drone flying, so I know of no reason why I can't, presuming it is clear of other people. It is near the Milwaukee River, so I may be able to fly it down there too. Presuming no fishermen. If anyone sees a problem with this. I am open to revision.