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  1. Alan's spot on about setting up an online portfolio, and there are tons of nearly free ways you can get something like that up and running in 'no time'. I would also suggest that keeping it simple for starters can help maximize your impact/message and also help you (and your audience) to keep from feeling overwhelmed with media, data, etc. A few really good examples are generally better than a whole slew of mediocre ones, and that's a lesson I constantly have to 'keep in my own focus' ;-) I would save those details like flight times, 'previous clients', list of places flown, etc. for your 'Abo
  2. Hi, Delta! Out of all the things you mention, the one thing you can do today is to get out there and start building that portfolio of yours :-) That's the one thing you can do on your own terms and in your own time, and it'll naturally help you with some of those other items you mentioned. I find that every time I go out to a cool spot to catch some neat footage, people always have questions, comments, suggestions, and there is always an opportunity to network and be an advocate/liaison between the UAV community and the general public. I learn something new every time I do that!
  3. Agreed, Brent! I've recently started doing more detailed flight logs, documenting everything from my batteries to props/motors to transmitters, with notes for each flight. As I get out there and put the Wizard to use, I'll definitely be sharing some of those notes :-) In the meantime, I just found a good report over on RCGroups from someone who actually strapped his Wizard to another RC plane of his and had relatively good success (his post is near the bottom of the page...). This is not something I would even want to do, but his notes are certainly helpful in getting to know the Wizard's
  4. I'll be the first to say that part of my excitement is mixed with more than a tinge of nervousness. I feel quite comfortable with my ST10 transmitters, but the Wizard is a bit of a paradigm shift. Also, since it's a 1st Gen. product (even though Yuneec seems to have a quite a good record so far), I'm a little hesitant to do more than 'baby steps' when using it for the first few (many?) times. Between me getting my head around its controls/interface and it being 'bleeding edge tech', I have a feeling I'll be warming up to the Wizard quite slowly... To answer your question, they're now ship
  5. I think you'll be happy with your purchase, Brent! I like all my birds, but the Chroma and the Q500 definitely do have different flight characteristics. They're subtle, but I find that my Q500s are just a bit more stable and smooth in the air, and they seem to have a better GPS lock than my Chroma, which tends to move around both horizontally and vertically when just 'hovering'. My Typhoons on the other hand, are nearly motionless when hovering. That being said, I think the Chroma seems to cut through wind a bit better, and when I fly it with the prop guards on it seems to get a bit more stabl
  6. Great news, indeed! I'm on the verge of getting a pilot's license, and was debating on whether or not to 'wait it out' until the FAA gives us a few other options. Since I don't charge for my footage at this point, I'm not i that big of a rush though. If this really happens in June-ish, then that's practically right around the corner!
  7. Brent, I'm a very happy owner of a Q500+, Q500 4K as well as the Blade Chroma 1080 (made by Yuneec). I agree with Alan's assessment that it's a great 'prosumer' option, and the videos/still I've shared with others outside the industry are constantly impressed with the image/video quality, smoothness of flight, etc. Similar to Will, there's plenty more I could say about these 'majestic birds', but I don't want to gush too much too early ;-) If you have any specific questions on the Q500 though, feel free to ask, and I'll certainly share any insight I can :-)
  8. Hello! I'm currently in new home development / real estate, and have been enjoying my quads for almost 3 years now (all shapes and sizes). After putting my 'higher-end' birds to good use getting Views of neighborhood developments, model homes, etc., I've decided to branch out into a side business (pending FAA approval...). I've started a website to 'highlight' some of my better portfolio pieces, and would love any feedback, comments, criticism/praise, and all that good stuff :-) You can see this work in progress here: http:/www.JacksonsView.Com I've also started a Vimeo Channel
  9. I lived on Vashon until just a couple years ago, Karl, but have relo'd to Charlotte, NC (don't get me started on last night's game, LOL!). Any great Views of the Sound that you'd like to share, I'm 'all eyes' ;-)