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  1. just went for my third attempt at flight, found the beginner setting mentioned above, unchecked that box, adjusted the settings, calibrated it and tried lift off... it was fine for about 6 seconds before it went auto pilot right into a tree... pissed, rescue it, check it out... repeat the entire process... lift off ... ghost in the machine, i have zero control... it flies right through a tree and into the side of a building... GARBAGE AND DANGEROUS... IM DISGUSTED AND ITS GOING BACK TO AMAZON WHERE THEY CAN SEND IT TO SOME OTHER KID AND WRECK HIS HAPPINESS AND FINANCES. LIKE SERIOUSLY WTF????? IM A FAIRLY EXPERIENCED DRONE PILOT / ENTHUIST AND I HAVE NO EXPLANATION NOR ADEQUATE ADJECTIVES TO DESCRIBE WHAT I JUST EXPERIENCED OR WITNESSED. FINAL THOUGHT AND ADVICE : DO NOT BUY THE HOLY STONE HS720E.
  2. i just got the HS 720E, which i had to settle for as i couldn't afford or justify purchasing my first choice Mavic 2 Pro, and I was super disappointed from my very first flight as i would lose control of the drone after 15 feet while i had my wifi connected. i thought it might just be interference from near by power lines but second flight today different location same awful results... almost crashed into a building. I am beyond disappointed and disgusted. this was a second third choice for good reason... my up for a real Drone like a Mavic