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  1. Thank you very much for posting this, I got it working.
  2. Was so blooody addicted! There're sooooo many planes, and you can visit cockpits of some of them! Alse there's is a huge collection of models! I saw some planes I even didn't knew about!
  3. Although I have my part 107 certification I presently only fly my DIY drones as a hobbyist and would like to get into the habit of using a pre-flight checklist as well as logging my flights. I don't need any fleet management software as I am the sole pilot. I'm looking for a solution that would be web and mobile based compatible with Ardupilot flight logs free for a sole pilot. DroneLogBook looks close but their free version does not include checklists which is a shame as it looks like its intended for hobbyists which eventually may become or join a commercial drone operator and upgrade to their enterprise version.