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  1. Affirmative, I don't even know where to start let alone how to program anything using C++. What hardware is involved? How will data sheets help me? I mean what are the multitude of details that I need to do the work, from step 1 to step n? Is there an intuitive tutorial somewhere for me to follow? Is the a YouTube video? Thank you
  2. Hello, First, I know virtually nothing about UAVs! My manager has challenged me to find the answer to the question on the subject line. How has streaming video been stored in the past? Are there thousand ways this can be done? What are the common ways that streaming data has been stored on the UAV file system? I need to know all the details that I can get. If I'm lucky I can be assigned the task of implementing this capability. I'm a programmer in computer languages such as C/C++. How would C/C++ fit into the details to do this? What will C/C++ have to do? Can someone tell me where I can get some good sample code of the various implementations? of doing this? What questions should I beg my manager to answer, questions for the manufacturer of he UAV, and questions for the manufacturer of the individual components of the UAV? Who on the planet Earth will help me? Does it require certain hardware components. The only other thing that I know of my UAV is that it does have a payload. Other than that, I know "nothing" else. Where else can I go to find out the answer to the question on the subject line? Any help is appreciated, Mike