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  1. Hi everyone, I'm new here and nevertheless I'm from Italy, I think this is a nice place where sharing ideas about creating a new business in Real Estate Drone Photography. First of all, I'm at the beginning of my work experience so I'm not an expert. Rather for the latter, I've some questions: 1. Which is the first steps to follow for creating this type of business? 2. Is it a good idea to find potential client (realtors) walking around the city or it could be better sending formal email? In this last case, have you got any tips? Is it possibile to create also a type of Personal Branding, or it's too early? I've no experience and no finished project to show 3. Could be useful working for free in the first project? 4. I've also a friend who work in real estate market (he's a constructor): I think to start from here and then expand my business. What do you think? 5. Finally, which is the best drone to start? Thanks a lot to everyone who answer!