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  1. I have been following recent events in the news regarding a missing person and was wondering have there been any cases of large scale drone operations to assist law enforcement in finding people? I would think a grid type search with drones from volunteers would have a high probability of success, not to mention a positive impact on our industry. Thoughts?
  2. Looking to absorb any information available & contribute forward. My interest here revolve around commercial use as I am presently getting ready for certification. I began as a hobbyist back in 2016 !
  3. Hello from the Gulf Coast ! I am looking for some suggestions from those who have come before me in developing this into a source of income. First, a little bit about me. I am presently a commercial project manager with a broad background in related fields such as Hazard Mitigation, Emergency Response, Coastal Erosion & obviously construction to name a few ! Most recently, I have completed my insurance adjusting education (2021). My hobbies have also included web design, 3D rendering & some small amount of post production. I began my drone experience back in 2016 flying a DJI Spark & currently own an Air S2. I am enrolled in UAV Coach to progress to completing my Part 107 certification. My intentions are to get out of the PM field and pull together my expertise in an effort to focus on "assessments, inspections, & adjusting" while utilizing sUAS to augment those aspects while creating a parallel revenue stream. Does anyone have any suggestions, do and/or don't, etc?