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  1. Thanks for your help. I'll check it out.
  2. I want to order a anti glare screen protector for the remote. Anyone out there bought one yet? What size/devise do I order for? Thanks, Bob
  3. That helps, Thank you.
  4. Bob Kroth

    Faster Charging

    I bought the Q500+ and charging takes a good 2 hours. I think I read 4K comes with faster charger. How fast does 4k batteries charge? Also hearing there are 3rd party options? 3rd party options that charge much faster and can put batteries in storage mode, 50% charged? Any info on battery charging options and where to buy them would be appreciated.
  5. New owner of Q500. Had to scrub first flight after 2 min due to high winds. 22 to 35 mph winds today too. Hope to get out on Sunday. Good Idea, I'm gonna remove camera for initial flights.