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  1. Hi all. If you have discovered that the non-technical aspects of the commercial drone business are a major challenge, I have created a resource that should be a major benefit for you. The book "Success with Drones in Civil Engineering" is packed with case studies, lessons learned, business strategies & tactics, and interviews & insights from industry leaders. You'll get an accelerated introduction and overview of disciplined project management and how that can help you plan, execute, and deliver more accurate and effective results with your drone. You'll get a crash course (ha) on
  2. Broadcast announcement - if anyone lives in the Sacramento region, there is an important evening event on Wednesday, October 12th, 2016. This brief but concentrated event will introduce, connect, and educate many active players from all segments of the drone ecosystem. If you are in the vicinity, please click the link below to check out the event. It is hosted by the Drone Pilots Federation, a young but international organization I'm proud to be associated with. We strive to serve the drone pilot community and by extension the larger communities we all live and work in. Californi
  3. September 7-9, 2016 are the dates. Location is Las Vegas, NV. Only the 2nd year for this event but it is jammed with massive topics, leaders, and exhibitors. If you are going to be there, make a note below and give your contact info if you want to be found. I'll be there all day & night Wednesday and first half of Thursday. My goal is to meet as many people as possible and learn as much as possible about drone services as B2B, including establishing a dedicated drone capability in-house. I'm now based in Sacramento, California and actively working to create awareness and demand for
  4. Welcome Wes! You posted a while ago, but I just moved to Folsom from out of state. Near to Sacramento by any chance? I'm interested to get connected with drone pilots in the nearby area. Figure out how to deal with the locals in a good way... Hope to see a reply back from you, Brett
  5. Hi Richard. Which part of Northern CA can I ask? I just relocated to Folsom. Checking for any nearby people on the forum if I can find them. Brett
  6. Hi Merlin. I love the idea too! Agree with concerns and risks noted above too. Let me recommend some things for you. Not what to do, but rather how to do them. You want to identify your most critical and fundamental assumptions about whether this will work or not. Then design a way to gather the information you need to test them. Nothing beats that more than actually talking and engaging with your potential customers (other parents). Try it with a just one drone and the number of kids you think should be "assigned" to one drone. How many would that be? I like the idea of a pilot,
  7. Those of you who want to start or maneuver into a profitable business niche with your UAV, I want to share and recommend some wisdom from military history and innovative marketing professionals. Here is an excerpt from my latest blog article that I believe (and hope) will benefit you greatly: If you focus on time (speed and agility) and direct engagement with your target customers more than your particular drone model or software version, you'll be moving in the right direction. Combine that with guerrilla marketing tactics and you'll do it very cost-effectively too. If you want
  8. This was a great debate. Thanks for posting here Jon. Every UAV pilot needs to stay informed on the legal situations. Maybe you'll choose to ignore them and take the risks, but that needs to be a conscious and informed choice. If / when someone shoots down your drone and the cops come (or you are wondering if you should call them yourself), you better know where you stand legally! Is the current information and guidance clear enough, or I wonder if this is still an area where pilots need help?
  9. Thanks for posting the big news here. Yes, that is massive news! I would love to learn how they achieved this huge score. Lots of other drone entrepeneurs would also love and benefit to know I'm sure, but this company has good reason not to share too much. :-) One thing is for sure, drone inspections for infrastructure are now legit and too big to quit!! Hammer time...
  10. This is big news and an additional unique value for DJI products. If I understand this right, a drone pilot with a following on Periscope will be able to instantly and seamlessly broadcast the video live to anyone who patches in to their Periscope channel. Big prospects for sporting events, family events, and local news stories. This is a disruptive innovation that local news stations should jump on. Or we can have citizen news reporters use this. More thoughts?
  11. Hi there Jim. Very cool combinations of skills and passions, because I can relate! Airplanes and music have been dual pursuits of mine since childhood days too. Any links or samples of your music available for us online? I was watching a drone video today with some good music soundtrack. But the music could have been a lot better...made me think that there could be an opportunity for someone to create a library of music especially suited to drone videos. Licensing and royalties would have to be part of the business model of course. Maybe that's a prospect for you? Or post-flight pro
  12. Great discussion topic so I'm looking forward to more comments too. Air One gave a great response, I would echo everything he said. And I'll add my experience, bootstrapping is much more advised. Force yourself to be lean, learn and do only what you need to do in order to identify, connect, and sell to customers ASAP. The Lean Startup is a brilliant book and approach. Seek out local startup groups or venues such as SCORE. What city are you in? I might have specific recommendations. More agreement on the basic, formal business setups. That includes a domain name and website. I can g
  13. Heads-up on this event for people in San Diego CA! I don't live nearby so if anyone goes to this I hope you'll give us an outbrief. :-) Thanks, Brett Key paragraph (hyperlinks may not work -- go to original link for that) San Diego Press Club to Discuss Drone-Based Newsgathering The San Diego Press Club will host “Using Drones for Newsgathering,” a program on the issues and concerns of drone-based reporting, from 5:30 to 7 p.m., Wednesday, May 18, at the Press Club office
  14. I think this article belongs here more than Agriculture. Interesting news. They are testing drones to drop balls filled with chemicals to fight fires. Doesn't seem very efficient to me, but you've got to start and learn with something I suppose. They'll need fixed wing aircraft with large payload capacity to make this effective.
  15. This is a very good (optimistic) article with examples and prospects for how drones can benefit small businesses and their customers. Fun and exciting things are happening with many more ahead!! That's my take. BTW - if anyone is having frustrations or roadblocks with their website or online presence, shoot me a message and I'll do my best to fire back a quick suggestion or potential resource for you.