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  1. Great infographic! I've been pining for something like that for a while now. My school is a public school and all flying is being done as part of other curriculum. The infographic really cuts through muck to make it easily understandable. I'm getting started on Part 107 now. I've also been scared in to doing some documentation, which has been pretty thin up until this point. -Fun side note about the gun analogy. I live in Helena, Montana and our middle schools actually had gun ranges in the basements. Students were taught how to properly handle and fire a rifle. I think they were pe
  2. I'd like to know the answer to this too. I've been out of drones for awhile and as a teacher, I am now back supervising high school students to fly drones. Last time I checked, teachers were not allowed to fly, except to recover control of the drone. Students were allowed to fly under hobby rules. Teachers could fly outside of class as hobbyists too. I plan to get the 107, but would like to know if I am in compliance under the old rules or have they changed?
  3. 24 Drones, apparently flying autonomously and spatially aware, indoors. Wow! Wish they would say more about the technology in the second video. MagicLab 24 Drone Flight How they did it- watch second.