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  1. ----Don't forget to select HD viewing mode for full entertainment---- The racing field was just made by my friends who team up as 'Chicken Run' Team. Try their race track for the first time and also first time flying with GoPro mounting on my quad copter. What is exciting for me about this VDO is that the GoPro was unprotected at all, no GoPro protective case, no lens protection. A simple crash is enough to damage the lens.
  2. I never be so sure on my flip so I took off my google and try flipping by line of sight and that's work!. I reduce throttle too much that the props stop spinning during rolling so the drone can't roll further in the middle of a flip. Knowing this in mind, I can flip through google with much more confident. Note: my camera is set quite deep inside the frame so that the red tubes and some part of the frame are visible through the camera like bull's horns. That's why I named the video Bull. Equipments QAV-R frame TBS powercube Storms UC motor 2300kv 600TVL cam Storm 5.8G 600mw Vtx TBS triumph antennas Skyzone V3, no 3D camera AT9 transmitter...
  3. I used Storm SRD210 TBS cube and I also took my Kykin with me as a spare drone. The SRD210 is a bind and fly version so all the part is selected by the Storm. I will talk about the parts that I got problems with. 1. Batteries. A week before race I got only two 4S 1500mah and two 3S 1500mah(3S is normally for the Kylin). I need more 4S batteries and the YGP battery was finished from the sellers at that time so I had to bought a high-end multistar gold 4S 1400mah which is more expensive. 2. Propellers. The stock props had 3 set(12 individual props) of 5040 4blades props. And at that time, again, there was no supplier who sell 4blades props!(I found out a supplier who just import that 4blade props after my race finished, what an irony). So I brought other kinds of props, 3blades carbon, 3blades bullnose, 2blades bullnose which I never used with SRD210 before. Imagine when I ran out of 4blades props during practice and got to race with never-try-before props. It's sad! 3. The camera. This is about the camera tilt angle which normally lock by 2 screws but that was not enough. When your drone impact to a ground(not just crash) the camera angle tilt down due to the impact force. I didn't lock the camera angle into place and got to adjust it most of the time. So the viewing angle I used for each race is a bit differ and again that's sad! 4. My Kylin ESC or the mainboard burnt. Due to the 3S batteies were charging so I chose to fly kylin inpractice with 4S battery which I know that there is more chance for the ESC to burnt than 3S. As Kylin is notorious about burning ESC and so hard to change ESC. And then a crash and smoke and yes the ESCs burnt. Now I got only 1drone. 5. The single bottom carbon plate of the SRD210 frame. Every once in a while when I start to get used to the race track and increasing speed there will be a crash. One crash was so severe that left-aft arm was broke luckily the motor still fine. The problem is a single bottom plate cannot replace just an arm, you got to replace the whole plate(4motors, control board, Rrx got to be removed and attach to a new bottom plate). I didnt have the spare bottom plate so I got to splinted the broken arm with epxoy putty, strabs and a new generic carbon arm bought from a seller around the racing tent. And now I flew with a broken drone. 6. The battery warning buzzer is dead. Since when I didnt know that the buzzer stop working and there were a few times that I flew until the battery completely ran out. So using an OSD that show the battery status is an efficient way of monitoring your battery level. Well, lots of problems for a newbies.
  4. In the VDO is my night practicing session during a drone festival at Queen Sirikit convention center, Bangkok, Thailand. It is my first official racing event. I can finished 3-4 laps as required in practice but when the real race comes I mostly did not finished the race. My time per lap is not good too. The best can go under 14 second per lap but my best time is 17 per laps. I learnt that there are many little things that made me not quite ready for an official race such as; not enough normally used-propellers (it's totally differ for 2-3-4 blades), use to same type of propellers all the way, better go early for a few practices before race, prepare for the worst crash and use the equipment that is easy to fix, bring spare parts, add a barrier in the front of your battery (my battery fly out of my drone once by sliding to the front), don't rush at start (for beginner), in racing they required you to have a laps caller in order to confirm the race is complete. And make sure the camera angle will not tilt on an impact. Most of the problems will be solve if you have a drone mechanic with you. And also if you do not crash at all most of the problems will not occurred.
  5. Thanks! Not really, I started with a Kylin, Acro mode since the beginning. Of course I broke some parts of the Kylin but with practicing there you go. I had tried a DRL(drone racing league) free simulator a few days but I don't feel realistic. There is a race near my house this weekend, will have some new videos this week.
  6. I am an airline pilot, boeing777, who wanna race in the sky. So FPV racing serve my passion well. Just play Kylin and 210quad for 3-4 months. Never join a race, still in practicing period. my clip of flying in a tight space (my house actually) I have to fly to many destinations so to those whose countries allow bringing racing drone in, feel free to give me a message I am looking forward to fly with you all. Mike