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  1. hi there, Anyone here using falcon8 from asctech? I have been trying to reach asctech team to get more information and quotation from from them. but no response whatsoever. Appreciate if anyone can give any reviews or contact person that can get me some information on the falcon8 package. Thanks!
  2. Hi @Alan Perlman, Thanks for the response. By the way, I have come across a guideline from Llyod's Register on "Guidance Notes for UAV (Inspection Services)".Refer attached. And in the guideline, it recommends that the UAS system have a two man team (as per below info) "7.2 In-Flight Operations 7.2.1 Flight Team Size It is recommended that all UAS operations include a minimum of two personnel: • Pilot (responsible for control of the UAS device). • Camera/payload operator (responsible for control of any attached inspection equipment). It is recommended that the Inspection Data End-User reviews live video feeds to enable real-time suggestion and direction to the pilot.Any personnel involved or in proximity to the flight team should avoid causing any unnecessary distraction to the pilot (e.g. communication, movement)." Let me know what is your position on this. As i know some pilots that doesn't prefer others to have control over their camera. Thanks in advance! Hans Guidance_Notes_for_Unmanned_Aircraft_Systems_Mar_2016.pdf
  3. Looking for PARTNERS and PRINCIPALS to enter the MALAYSIAN DRONE market!

    email me at wmfarhan@adroneis.com

  4. Hi Alan, I am interested to know more about the training modules and details. FYI, i am just starting a drone community/business in Malaysia, most people(future clients, especially in high risk industry) have asked me that if my PILOTs are trained and CERTIFIED? Any advice?
  5. Exactly..i am currently engaging a UAV manufacturer from the Netherlands..will see what they can offer us..it will definitely be additional advantage if we can offer a high durability equipment
  6. We are thinking on the applications for emergency situations. So the drones can evaluate the incident scene by having a thermal or gas sensors or anything that could fit our client's requirements. it needs to be able to withstand adverse weather conditions, and most probably need to water and explosion proof.
  7. Anyone can recommend a good industrial use uav drone manufacturer or service providers?
  8. Hi everyone!hans here from malaysia!im currently in the oil and gas industry and we are looking for uav drones partners to JV. We are planning to hook up with a netherlands uav drone manufacturer by the name of aerialtronics. Anyone here familiar with them?let me know if there is any tips! Thanks!