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  1. I agree @Txpilot and @Alan Perlman. You get the same thing with people that get Photoshop, then assume they're an artist. Sure there are a lot of automated features that can make tasks easier, but having the underlying skill as to when and how to use those features in the correct way, can make all the difference in the final product.
  2. @RemotelyPossible, thanks Scott! I wasn't really planning on trying to get any commercial financing, more so just curious if any others had. Oh yeah, being an artist, I understand the importance of a portfolio. Your portfolio speaks a lot louder than anything on your resume. I'm flying as much as I can, but one of the motors fried after a hard landing the other day, so I'm waiting for a replacement right now. It's a cheapo drone, so no biggie. But I agree, practice, practice, practice. That's how you get good at anything in life. : ) @BrettRocketSci, thanks Brett! I agree with all
  3. Hi Air One! Thanks for the excellent response with a lot of great information and tips, I appreciate it. : ) I've been a professional illustrator and cartoonist for over 25 years now, but after going through neck cancer a couple years ago, and my freelance business collapsing because I didn't work for almost a year, I just haven't had the motivation to rebuild it again. I'm pretty much burned out on it and looking for something different. And the thing that fascinates me about the drone videography is that It's still creative, but in a different way, and a lot of the skills that I used
  4. Okay, so you've practiced flying your drone and have your skills up to an acceptable level. You have a DJI Phantom Pro 3 or something similar that has the minimal pro video quality. What next? Business license? Website? UAV pilot license? (Depending on what they come up with in June) What things do you feel are necessary or you've found in your own experience that were helpful to you in getting your business up and running? Did you get a business loan? What did you have to go through for that process? I would love to see this thread grow into a sticky thread that people can keep adding
  5. Hey there everyone, I was just sitting here thinking, at what point do you think that drones will become so point-and-click that they won't require specialized flying knowledge to operate them? Fortunately, I think it's still awhile off since each flying situation is different, and so many variables, I don't think a cookie cutter solution is coming anytime soon. But between GPS and navigation systems getting more advanced, I think that some uses may be more point and click sooner than others. What do you think?
  6. Fun stuff Mike! I'll be interested to see more of your videos. : )
  7. Trust me, there's stupid questions, I just haven't asked them yet. lol!
  8. Thanks for the excellent reply Silk Purse, I appreciate it. : ) Oh, trust me, I'm sure I'll come up with a couple head-shakers along the way. LOL! Yeah, I figure it's going to take me a few months to get my flying skills up to par, as well as figure out my business strategy, so by the time the FAA comes out with the new regs I should be able to plan around it. I'm hoping they come out with a specialized UAV pilot licensing procedure over having to get the 333 exemption. If anything, because I'm scared of heights where I don't feel secure and really have no desire getting a real pilots
  9. Hi everyone! My name is Geoff Hassing, I'm new here on the forum and I'm looking forward to getting to know you all and learning as much as I can about UAV piloting and business. I've been a professional illustrator, cartoonist, and video game artist for the last 25 years. But after going through neck cancer a couple years ago, I decided that I wanted a change of direction, and have recently become interested in possibly starting a drone videography business, focused on golf courses, tourism, and real estate. I'm still in the research phase, but I'm very interested in learning ever