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  1. Many thanks for the tips! Now I'm getting even more excited about finally being able to fly my first drone (still waiting for Amazon to ship it...).
  2. @Alan Perlman Thank you! Looking forward to learning more about drones and interacting with this community!
  3. Just fyi, I'm a noob when it comes to video editing (hoping to get some practice in that as well). Anyways, what are some challenges you faced when first learning how to fly?
  4. I heard drones can be hard to fly at first which is why I bought a protection plan. However, if I do feel like I need to buy a cheaper one for more practice I'll definitely look into buying that Hubsan X4. Thanks for the advice, appreciate it! I'll try to post some videos once I get my drone.
  5. Awesome! I'm excited to get my UDI U818A HD drone as well. Planning on learning how to fly it then taking it apart and possibly making some modifications.
  6. Hello all, My name is Joshua Lee, and I am a recent grad looking to expand my knowledge in drones as well as seek a career in the drone industry. I graduated from the University of Michigan in May 2014 with a BSE in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering. I just recently ordered my first drone (UDI U818A HD) and I have actually never piloted a drone before but I look forward to testing it out! Any advice/tips for first timers is appreciated!