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  1. I knew part 107 was gonna make it to where you won't need a pilots license but I never heard anything about part 107 making it to where you won't need a 333 exemption.
  2. Im currently practicing with my Syma x5c and I'm pretty good at it. But how many hours should I fly for and what should I go over during my training?
  3. No I'm not even a pilot yet I'm just getting started into this drone pilot stuff. But I know you need a license, 333, COA, drivers license or medical certificate. I just want to know when I do become a pilot how can I get into a drone inspection job. And I don't understand anything about clients
  4. Can you use the camera on a drone to zoom in while flying and can you also move the camera to?
  5. Is there a drone inspection training course I can take to get certified? What do I have to do to be a drone inspector?
  6. I've been thinking about just doing mapping but then I thought about doing mapping and inspections or just mapping. I think one job will make money come slower but more than one will make it come faster. But there's some of the jobs that look difficult to do and I was just thinking about doing the ones that I think I can do. But if I just do mapping will that be a good source of income or will two drone jobs be better?
  7. I would inspect every part of the top of the wind generator to see if there's something wrong. And for cell towers I would inspect the whole thing or just the top. I haven't spoken with any companies that do inspections
  8. I was thinking wind generators and cell towers
  9. When you do inspections do you have to do photos and videos or can you just take photos on what your inspecting?