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  1. Hi Uaviator53, What is of concern to me most recently is vocabulary. I do not speak “drone” very well yet. To tell you the truth I was really hoping that belonging to this group would lead to a sort of key or dictionary of terms but none has shown up yet. This can be a bit intimidating to a new operator. Terms like IMU (inertial measurement unit) or RTH (return to home) as I read or correspond with any of you more experienced pilots, I am always looking things up on Google in order to learn more but there is no central location to learn all of them or I haven’t found it yet. In saying that I have started my own spread sheet for them and as soon as I feel that it is complete I will share it here. bill in pa
  2. Hi Uaviator53, Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post. Standing on the outside and looking in, I have lots of questions and I’m constantly looking for answers. One of my biggest concerns is orientation. Flying out seems ok but even with the Real Flight Simulator I use, I worry about the trip back home when the controls are actually reversed. I agree that some of those fly-aways are pilot issues or just plain too much of being in a hurry if you will, and then wind up missing a piece of something or suddenly running into the infamous PANICK Mode! But still that’s an awful bundle of cash to hit the beach to hard or listed among the missing. Still you can’t discount the dangers of a program being too complex or perhaps just an inexperienced operator. That’s the one I worry most about, since I have no one around to teach or ask first hand. I must depend on the folks here and on YouTube to help me out. As you may have already read, I am a Autel Fan. Can’t help it, they were my first contact with drones. The folks over at DJI are ok I guess but it seems that there is a tremendous amount of unrest about their customer service and wait times are just unreal. So many complaints but since they seem to be “top Dog” it’s a shame that they don’t think a bit more about their customers. I guess their thinking is that we are #1 and they will wait and that’s it. In making mistakes and hitting the wrong button at exactly the wrong time; I believe that it all goes to conditioning, and practice. Even the “senior pilots” seem to have a list much the same as we did on real aircraft. The main purpose there was for safety as well as proper maintenance. This would also go along with logging the flight. bill
  3. Hi Av8Chuck, Good hearing from you again. I suppose drones are like any other hobby, most people are into them for one reason or another. For some it’s to just relax, for others, it’s to satisfy a need. I fall into the latter category. My problem with flying or with the lack of flying comes from the service. I was an air crewmen on a helicopter. Flying quite a bit, despite the danger I just plain loved to fly and could never get enough of it. After I came home all those many years ago, I still found myself missing those times. Of course, flying here in the old USA would never match the sensation of flying over there because of all the FAA rules and regulations here, flying at ninety miles an hour thirty feet off the deck would give some concern. It stayed like this until one day on the Internet, on YouTube I found a posting about Autel. It seems this fellow made a video flying one in a “follow me” mode through a rather narrow valley. As I continued watching that first video many times, it seemed very close to actual flight. That was it. I was hooked; I wanted a drone and started saving up. I know there are other drones out there but they are not Autel. In fact, I even came up with a kind of motto about it. “Autel, when you don’t want to fool around”. It’s a lot like you said, you use it, you put it away, and use it again. As much as I would enjoy it; I would not do it every single day, although I’m confident that the Autel could handle hard use without issue. With DJI, they are always adjusting something! It’s almost like getting new Windows programs, again and again………………you get the idea. I often wonder if they know just what version of what they are running and is it the most up to date and if it isn’t could that be the problem they are currently having with it. Now on the plus side, I did make a company contact this morning! I sent an email and low in behold got an answer back in less than an hour! They are very much working and doing OK so that lays that matter to rest. The last part is to get my better half to ok it! There is one thing I did forget to ask you and will do so now. What do you drive your drones with, computer/tablet wise? I have read that the NVIDIA SHIELD K1 8" Tablet is a good hook-up for Autel. bill in pa
  4. Good Morning Av8Chuck! Thanks for your return as you can guess, I’m a “rookie” with drones. I enjoyed that video link you provided and was most impressed with its quality. It allowed itself to be zoomed and I felt both the quality and clarity superb! More than enough for my needs. I wanted to also thank you for sharing a bit about your own experience with drones as it made me feel more comfortable about my choice. My only problem is getting my hands on one! ?? What’s the hold up? Autel itself, I am waiting to see if they are going to remain with us or leave the building! Basically, I’m sort of a “hard luck” type, in that if it can go wrong, it will happen to Bill. I’m just afraid that buying one may initiate a going out of business sale! Seriously, I’m thinking now that it might be a good idea to just give these folks a call or email and find out what’s up; instead of standing outside wondering about it. It seems that there is no info at all on the net. Best to you, bill in pa
  5. Thanks for the return Spitfire! I was just hoping that maybe I just missed a mail or link some place but I guess not. I spent most of this afternoon clicking on very single button on their web site thinking that maybe I just missed something, but I guess not. I don’t really have anything against DJI its just I think they are slowly closing the ring on marketing and becoming a regular monopoly. Their products are top notch but then so are their prices. I don’t need all of that advanced avionics to fly. My theory is the more complicated the software, the more chance of something going wrong. They seem to have fly-aways every now and then. If you happen to be one of the “then’s” your kissing about one large bye-bye, and that’s a bit salty no matter who you are! Thanks again for your return, bill in pa
  6. Some extra help here please!? I thought I was one of those informed buyers, apparently NOT! I am talking about the Autel line of drones. Is this company still in business? Has anyone heard anything at all? Last postings are claiming LAY-OFFS, what’s the latest? Not much on their site. Are they still in the game? I notice here they are not listed on “Manufactures” until you hit other on bottom. Has anyone herd anything at all? Weather is breaking in PA, and I'd like to fly something! bill in pa
  7. Hi HJ, Luckily for me, I live in HARD COAL country so staying warm on these days is not a problem. I just go downstairs light a fire and we are warm as toast. Our little coal stove heats the whole house. Bill
  8. Hi HJ, Thank you for replying to my post. I’ve met some great people here. For the most part the drone buying isn’t the problem, I’ve already settled on the X-Star. The big problem is where I am located. Here in North Eastern PA our evening weather report just called for our very first, snow with sleet and freezing rain of the year. Although the amount will be minuscule, receiving it on this side of Thanksgiving is very ominous! Something this early generally means that we are just a little ahead of schedule this year. It was suggested that I might want to consider a simulator first. To begin with it did not seem like a good idea to spend the extra money but then one of the pilots brought up a perfectly logical point, “you can’t fly everyday even in the summer. How about those April showers? The gentlemen had an excellent point. Your way sounds great but we have a high traffic area in our home with our pets. Between the dogs, the cat, and one large aquarium, it would be just a bit too dangerous. The showers of April notwithstanding, I’m thinking that the program will get a workout from now till then any way. Thanks again for your thoughts, Bill
  9. Thanks for the extra help DroneLogbook. It was very considerate of you to furnish that link. Will keep you posted. Thanks, Bill in Pa
  10. Lost ya for a minute there DroneLogBook. Send to who????Autel?? Regards and thank you for responding, Bill
  11. I need to ask for special help here. I am very interested in flying the Autel X Star BUT………I would like to buy a simulator first to get some advance stick time before I lay out the bank roll. Also I need to know how a NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1 would work driving it Thanks Bill in Pa
  12. Hi Michael, Yes, I must agree with your first comment: “Plastic frame is much more rigid” Of all things listed this worries me the most. It was one of the first flags against DJI. On real aircraft stress cracks are a sign of a more serious but hidden problem. Most of the time they usually pointed to excessive vibration from some part of the engine or its cowling. In any event, it seems that the DJI craft seem to have this problem primarily on the wings? motor arms, engine supports. A quick check over to their forums will bear me out. Apparently the thing that has everyone talking, the on board electronics, is also the thing that does not turn my head. In my experience, I have found that usually when a piece of electronic equipment has a lot of automatic this or that, it is also followed by excessive down time and break downs and general maintenance headaches. Regards, Bill
  13. Hi Allen, Thanks for that link. Lots of good info on it. One last question? I am currently under the impression that the NVIDIA SHIELD K1 8" Tablet is an excellent complement to the Autel X‑Star Premium as it has a very low drop rate. Would you agree? Regards, Bill
  14. Hello Allen! Before I respond to your comments allow me say thank you for responding to my inquires. What do I want to know about the X-star, everything! As you may suspect, I am a “rookie” here. May I also add that I am not a young person either, quite the opposite, now retired. What sparked all of these questions about drones? I recently saw a video on YouTube by a guy who shot some overhead video of a town. Although his photography was quite good, I spend a lot of time producing my own DVD’s, it was not what impressed me about the video, it was the feeling I got watching it. You see, I did a lot of flying in the service years ago. After returning home realized that type of flying could not be duplicated here in the states for obvious safety reasons; but I did not know, until I saw that video, that the feeling I had back then could be repeated state-side. Like many “dreaming to be” pilots, I spent hours trying to learn all I can about drones including some with the opposing side, DJI. Their products seem to be the latest, and the greatest. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to compare the two and in my mind at least, basically they are the same. I think that the X-star is better built aircraft and maybe a bit sturdier because of it. The big difference seems to be in the high power avionics that the DJI models incorporate. Its seems as though the DJI’s also have their share of headaches and loss. Maintenance issues notwithstanding, many pilots go without while waiting for their drones to be serviced. Sometimes the entire craft may be lost. Although some of these catastrophes are obvious pilot error still others are questionable at best. Regards and thanks again, Bill
  15. can anyone tell me about this drone? Regards, Bill