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  1. Good advice to know ! Keep posting your racing videos , will keep watching them .
  2. Same here also on the career , already have a few of my friends that want me to do some drone work for them , and I don't even have my drone yet ! Hopefully next month , I'm gonna order the Inspire with the Zemuss camera .
  3. Hello from Missouri ! Just joined also , this is a nice forum !
  4. Thanks Jeff , glad there is someone close ! May need some training ! Lol I work in KC !
  5. My name is Butch , and I'm getting ready to dive in the UAV hobby ! Hopefully by the end of May I wanna purchase the Inspire and start flying all over Missouri ! Lol . Really excited about this venture , I love technology and meeting people also . Right now I'm doing the footwork and research everyday to get spun up before my drone arrives . Little about myself , I'm a retired Air Force Veteran , so I have been around aircraft and the flight line for a few years. Saw my first drone in Afghanistan, was the Preditor . I was so captivated when I saw it , no cockpit , just idelinng down the taxi w