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  1. @RemotelyPossible Yes, I have a little experience editing videos, at least enough to know the base concepts. I've created a few compilations using Pinnacle and to a lesser extent an app called Camtasia by TechSmith, neither of which I would consider going to for this venture. I like to learn, so any tips, tricks and YouTube links you can pass on would be greatly appreciated. Even the basic concept stuff. I'm sure there are holes in my limited knowledge base that could be filled up by additional learning. It's funny you supplied this vid link. I installed Blender the other night then did a search on Youtube and found Mikeycal and his series. I didn't have time to watch much but I did bookmark his channel. Real anxious to spend more time with it. Have to be careful though, I could very easily get carried away with the 3D animation stuff if I go off on that tangent.
  2. Thank you for your reply and I totally understand the delay. I suspected you and your team are very busy at the moment. Busier than normal I should say. Very exciting time and I can't wait to see more of what's to come.
  3. I’ve touched upon Blender in the past, while dabbling with digital painting, but it never dawned on me to look at it as a video editing package. This opens up more options/possibilities, thanks for mentioning it here. I know there’s no way you can give a definitive answer, without knowing my experience/abilities, but do you think it would take long to learn Blender enough to get a decent final product? Just talking about editing aerial footage without getting discouraged to the point of moving to a different canned application. Love this forum btw
  4. Hello, my name is David, from Belleville, Michigan, and I'm getting addicted to drone’s/UAV's. Actually, after a suggestion from my brother, I’d like to combine my love for flying with my love for photography. Though I’d like to go out and get all the gear, knock on doors and say I’m in business, but I do understand there is a lot to do before getting to that point. Like attaining flight proficiency, developing a portfolio, researching all aspects of the business such as insurance, regulations, certifications, market, equipment, procedures, etc… Oh, did I mention flight training??? Yep, need to learn to fly and become proficient before anything else. That’s why I’m here. I’m hoping to learn, share and develop, with your help, my UAV flying career.