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  1. The mode C veil does not apply to part 107 operations per the FAA. I asked them not long ago. PM me for more info.
  2. "But keep in mind, these are toy's, " I've just had about enough of your anti DJI CRAP. Try a little honesty when you answer these questions and tell posters you are hustling your own drone and bad mouthing every other drone. This is not your forum, stop attacking manufacturers in order to advance your hidden agenda. Juggernaught, I've been in the commercial UAS business since 2015; if you want honest, non biased answers feel free to PM me (I don't sell drones ). I am done with this guy....Sorry Alan, it had to be said.
  3. "I can see clearly now, the rain is gone"- Jimmy Cliff
  4. Good data, thanks. Hopefully they'll do a battery versus weight in the future.
  5. Got me through 32 years of policing safely (not counting the dog bite- A German Shepherd! traitor).
  6. Thanks for sharing, Ed. Shows everything is "waiveable" if you have enough $$.
  7. I'm sure it's all good stuff. May be worth the $$ depending on one's experience. Embry-Riddle has been the preeminent aviation university since the 1930s. However, it concerns me that young kids may not understand what the certificate training (not degree programs) will really qualify them for. A $200 online class like UAV Coach will get you the Part 107 RPC w/o a need to spend thousands. A youngster aspiring to a UAV career will need lots of training and logbook hours in the big stuff. Unless a young person goes into the military and logs thousands of hours in the big birds (and gets a
  8. UAVUniversity in Phoenix, AZ. Way overpriced at $3,500. Looks very thorough and includes fixed wing. For $1,000 I may do it, since I live 45 minutes from the school, but $3,500 is ridiculous. They also have degree programs.
  9. The shot was commercial the minute they posted the photo on their website. If the aerial photos/videos are used to promote a business their use is commercial, money doesn't have to change hands. From the FAA website: "Recreational or hobby UAS use is flying for enjoyment and not for work, business purposes, or for compensation or hire." The FAA cannot be everywhere and it is up to responsible operators to report outlaw individuals. Kudos to you.
  10. Learn something every day...
  11. What's next? A washer/dryer combo? A Hellfire missile?
  12. Guess Phoenix and Tucson will be on the next release. But sure glad they got Blythe, Ca, the mecca of aviation......