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  1. Got me through 32 years of policing safely (not counting the dog bite- A German Shepherd! traitor).
  2. I'm sure it's all good stuff. May be worth the $$ depending on one's experience. Embry-Riddle has been the preeminent aviation university since the 1930s. However, it concerns me that young kids may not understand what the certificate training (not degree programs) will really qualify them for. A $200 online class like UAV Coach will get you the Part 107 RPC w/o a need to spend thousands. A youngster aspiring to a UAV career will need lots of training and logbook hours in the big stuff. Unless a young person goes into the military and logs thousands of hours in the big birds (and gets a
  3. UAVUniversity in Phoenix, AZ. Way overpriced at $3,500. Looks very thorough and includes fixed wing. For $1,000 I may do it, since I live 45 minutes from the school, but $3,500 is ridiculous. They also have degree programs.
  4. Guess Phoenix and Tucson will be on the next release. But sure glad they got Blythe, Ca, the mecca of aviation......
  5. "Also I've noticed that a lot of job posting for pilots of the big boys (Predator, etc) want at least 300-500 flight hours." I've also seen requirements for an FAA commercial pilot certificate w/ instrument rating, in addition to the RPC. "Here is a you think it would be a good idea for the FAA to make guidelines for the commercial drone industry on how many flight hours (or range of hours) is needed to be experienced?" No. The FAA does not regulate experience or hours. That is left up to the hiring agency, as it should be. Fifty hours may be fine for rea
  6. You are opening a can of worms here, the discussion will be hot and heavy. Well, the words "experienced" and "expert" are subjective, with wide definitions & opinions. As a court qualified "expert" in accident reconstruction in my previous police life, the legal standard was one of training, experience, qualifications, research, teaching experience and others, which the trier of facts (the judge) evaluated and ruled on. Once the judge admitted one as an expert you were permitted to offer opinions in court within your subject matter. But you didn't ask for a lot of evasive ans
  7. Stop it, you r killing me...Did u notice the facility maps layer option is gone? or is it just me?
  8. Like everything the govmn't rushes out, is probably full of bugs. I agree with you, why show grids in ares that are clearly G airspace. You would think one of the basemaps (layers) in the gallery would be the sectionals, but nope. But is nice to know we have National Geographic map layer. Good to know...I'm guessing sectionals will be in version 2.0
  9. Yeap, it's a lot faster upload. The whole E1 to E6 makes no sense to me and have failed in my effort to get a definition from the FAA.. I am well within Class G airspace per my sectional. I've checked with aviation sites and pilots that are current, some never heard of this and most just give their opinions, no one can provide a link as to what the hell E1-E5 means.
  10. Began flying in 1969, but never heard of class E1 through E6 airspace. Can't find any definitions on the FAA website. Anyone knows? No guesses please. A link would be great....
  11. With all the efforts made by the govmn't, anyone caught flying where they shouldn't should be flogged 100 times with a wet noodle.
  13. Chuck, "Define a 100ft... " I assumed u were joking. With respect, most of us are aware of the shortcomings of cheap drone barometers, and the fact there are different "altitudes," and indicated altitude on your IPAD app is the drone barometer pressure reading converted to a number based on the change in pressure at launch versus current drone position. Indicated altitude – the altitude shown on the altimeter. Absolute altitude – altitude in terms of the distance above the ground directly below True altitude – altitude in terms of elevation above sea level H
  14. Cool, a week is fast. You got the right contractor to work with....
  15. Agree, as a manned aircraft part 61 certificated pilot, I suspect most controllers don't want to hear anyone advertising their drone flight like a United arrival. And line of sight is a huge problem for a person on the ground trying to raise the tower, unless you are standing next to it. I use my HT to make blind calls (with my N-number) when flying inside the 5 mile radius of uncontrolled airports/heliports.That and a NOTAM every time. PS- please let us not start another battle over "is a Part 107 pilot authorized to transmit on an aviation frequency. Been there, done that at Inspirepil
  16. I felt the same way about asking for more stuff (application), didn't want to be a pest. However, my night COA, and all others, did state "1. A copy of the application made for this certificate shall be attached and become a part hereof. 2. This certificate shall be presented for inspection upon the request of any authorized representative of the Federal Aviation Administration, or of any State or municipal official charged with the duty of enforcing local laws or regulations." so you are pretty much required to have it with you, application and all. Seems like this was an oversight with
  17. A smidgen is 10 smirchs, a smirch is 10 tads, A tad is 10 frog hairs. Haven't you ever hear of the hillbilly metric system?
  18. Try tilting the gimbal down a smitten and slow down a smirch? (those are technical terms) This is an Inspire 2 correct? Never had this issue with the I1.
  19. "Or hitting the self destruct button"..Stop it, you're killing me You are right sounds like a newbee trying to impress her/his boss with how many words can be strung together and still sound smart! Is not ALL software, since Pong, integrated with some other piece of code??
  20. That gobledygook was never asked in my night waiver. Sorry, looks like you got a very anal dude... "If the remote PIC is relying on the integrated software display to meet the PBS, how will the PIC meet the PBS in the event of an integrated software failure?" first, they should define "integrated software failure". Only an engineer or DJI can answer that, other than "Reverting to visual clues and manually piloting the UAS to an immediate emergency landing and utilizing a well trained VO or two?