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  1. Somebody knows if the devo 7 can fly the arom v2? Yes, no and how??? Thanks i hurry to fly that drone!!!
  2. i have a new atom v2 rx 122 but, i can use the devo 7 with this drone how i can made to configurate this rc with this drons this is possible? thanks and have a nice day. i need fly this drone hurry. help me please!!!
  3. I´m here with my Runner 250 Walkera.
  4. Hi, thanks i want it the v 2. i wanna fly that now! have a nice day!
  5. Hey Thank you for comment, yes i want it but the version 2 i don´t find where (web-site) i make the pre-buy i see that release in july and september if you know where i can make the payment please tell me, thank you very much and have a nice day.
  6. Hello i need a website in the US for the sale of parts can you tell me where? i need parts of walkera! Thanks!
  7. Hi there, some body knows something about this one, what can tell me? thanks i can´t believe that racing drone!