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  1. Hello - thanks for the comments and your recommendation for Litchi - I downloaded it and going through some of the tutorials now. Very impressive - you are right - minimal cost ($22) and I am making headway with the App. Going slow, but anxious to get to know the App. better. TC
  2. Alan - just a new item/curve for me, but what do you think/say about the "Litchchi" for eliminating some of the "jerkiness" of camera? TC Gorgeous property! And very well presented, but camera motion is a bit jerky and unsteady in pans and tilts. It looks like you were controlling it manually, and it's a hard problem to beat. If you're flying a Phantom or an Inspire, I strongly suggest you look into Litchi - https://flylitchi.com/. For minimal cost and a moderate learning curve, you can vastly improve a lot of the shortcomings of manual flight.
  3. Hi friends - just sharing my first Real Estate job, and the conquering of my (purely psychological fear of flying over water). Thanks to Alan's fine training !!!!!!! TC PS - if you have never been to Durango, CO, come visit - lots of open space to fly and film.
  4. George - sort of round about. I was enrolled in a CO Master Garden program while completing the UAV course, and one of the speakers was the County Weed Manager - his passion is solving the Oxeye Daisy infestations. One day, took my Drone to the mountains and took some video - I then send the video link to the Office, and next day, the Manager asked me to come in (and we talked) and the "rest is history." Seriously, I think the "use of drones" is unlimited, and most folks (commercial) think of only the few hot buttons (real estate, weddings, etc.). With my hard-shell back pack for the Phantom 3, I can go places even cars (and jeeps) can't get to. Cutting to the chase, I find a problem area, take a drone video, then contact the folks about the existing problem (and offer my services). Doesn't work in all cases, but here and there - enough to keep me busy and realizing a modest revenue. What State are you in? Ted
  5. I fly a DJI 3 Pro and landed a job with CO State Weed Management Program in Durango, CO Traveling through the San Juan Mountains, identifying a noxious weed called Oxeye Daisy - beautiful flower, but spreads like crazy and crowds every other plant out. Not poisonous but ranchers and farmers are loosing their pasture land and grazing areas. Neither cows, horses, or even squirrels will touch the daisy - nasty tasting, and it takes over and crowds out all grasses and other plants. Cutting to the chase, states from Washington to New Mexico are infested with the Oxeye and fighting the good fight to eradicate. Take a peak at: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/TwlybrLj0HA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Ted