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  1. Hello - thanks for the comments and your recommendation for Litchi - I downloaded it and going through some of the tutorials now. Very impressive - you are right - minimal cost ($22) and I am making headway with the App. Going slow, but anxious to get to know the App. better. TC
  2. Alan - just a new item/curve for me, but what do you think/say about the "Litchchi" for eliminating some of the "jerkiness" of camera? TC Gorgeous property! And very well presented, but camera motion is a bit jerky and unsteady in pans and tilts. It looks like you were controlling it manually, and it's a hard problem to beat. If you're flying a Phantom or an Inspire, I strongly suggest you look into Litchi - https://flylitchi.com/. For minimal cost and a moderate learning curve, you can vastly improve a lot of the shortcomings of manual flight.
  3. Hi friends - just sharing my first Real Estate job, and the conquering of my (purely psychological fear of flying over water). Thanks to Alan's fine training !!!!!!! TC PS - if you have never been to Durango, CO, come visit - lots of open space to fly and film.