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  1. Do you use the Drone Logbook before taking your drone for a flight, or is their service also available when browsing from a phone? It looks like a pretty cool/thorough solution, but was looking for something "on the go" personally.
  2. Hi everyone, New forum user I've been registering in the different Drone forums myself in search for a Checklist App that I could use on my phone instead of printing out paper card for every flight and finally found this App. It seems to be on the Google Play Store only at the moment, no IOS version I could find. Figured I'll share it as my first post Drone Companion - Android Apps on Google Play The interface is pretty slick and intuitive. It also contains decent tips. Most of the them, I've seen them in one form or another on the various drone forum, but it's a good collection in one place. Pretty good to have, when all steps are done, interface update to a "Safe to Fly" and you're good to go Makes you feel like a real pilot doing it's fighter jet checklist (kinda... if you have a lot of imagination ) Enjoy