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  1. I had a very similar situation, but did not break anything. Just a hard landing from 12" high. I thought everything was OK... but afterwards my camera started to cock at 45* angle and lock. Had to land and reset the camera/drone/controller or did an aerial re-set and it seemed to help. After several flights it became worse... Camera is now at Yuneec being checked. It may have affected the video too. So anything beyond a soft landing should be taken seriously.
  2. Hello, from the Birth Place of Aviation. Fairly new to drone world, started flying Hubsan X4 starting in January, and mastered the flight characteristics quickly and started talking to some locals and was introduced to the Yuneec Typhoon 4K. I was introduced to aerial photography a few summers ago with a DJI 3 and GoPro, and was just impressed and knew I had to do the same. The whole field has expanded quickly in the past few years. Looking to learn and master my aerial photography over the summer of 2016 and see what happens from there. I am a licensed pilot and hope to do some aeria