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  1. Pretty self explanatory here, I found mine just hanging out at the airport and making a few connections with other pilots. Nothing too crazy as a gig, but it's some extra $ on the side....
  2. Great to be here. I'm sure there's a few other airplane drivers on the forums but feel free to ask away if anyone has any questions about airspace, Airline/ Corporate flights, etc.
  3. I get the media....trying to put the fear of God in everybody. However, I have had a few encounters with drones, so I joined to try to see your perspective. Now I'm not going to make a big "OH MY GAAAAHD WE ALMOST HIT A DRONE", fit, but there's always something that makes for an interesting flight.
  4. Howdy! Corporate Pilot here, getting tired of hearing nothing but bad things about drones, so I'm joining to get the other "sides view". I don't mind sharing the airspace, as long as we both stick to our rules. Cheers!