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  1. Hello Everyone! I've been reading posts in this forum for the past year or so. It's been a wealth of information and has brought some sanity to me in this ever-changing industry! As of Feb this year I'm 107 certified. Started out learning to fly manually with a micro drone practicing in indoors. After successfully hitting my wife one time two many in her head. Moved up to a Latrax Alias outdoors. It was the most stable under $100 mid size model and enabled me to build up my skills, (still have much to learn) confidence and above all situational awareness. Watched many of YouTube clips of Casse
  2. Christian, Good to know about color correction in cloudy shots. I'm a bit torn with too much green for the sage brush, when most everything is actually brown, but for purposes of this demo I agree with you. No one wants to see a Panorama of ugly brown brush. The sun shining on it made and especially challenging. Couldn't find the function to adjust the text box background. Pulling my hair out on that one. Yes I'll edit that left turn out. On some of this, it's just seeing the forest from the trees. I'm learning less is more with aerials. Also just to confirm, it is bette
  3. Christian, Please find my "Work in Progress" reposted. My biggest challenge is the color correction in cloudy conditions and Editing the rotors and skids from the Typhoon G GoPro shots. Thank in advance for your feedback -Scott
  4. My first experience with Typhoon Q500 G (GoPro version) on a mountain bike using wizard in watch me mode. Using iPhone app with phone mounted on handle bars. Included some of the things that are typically not good with the G model and the more editing that tends to be required. It has sample footage showing some of the issues. You can use the iPhone app to turn on/off the GoPro just before take off/landing, but the range is shorter than using the ST10+ remote. You can't turn the GoPro camera using the ST10+ but you can get a greater distance from the video link. Also using the ST10+ on a