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  1. Same here bud, I have part time job as an event organizer, i want to learn more in this field that's why i joined in such forums like this. And i want to try this field from working in software company into this (maybe a drone expert, or have my own drone store). Seems like this is cool and this is what i want. Considering the fact that drones are getting bigger now here in my country, i mean people now are more interested..
  2. OMG. Seems like we're on the same business. We use drones to make "after movie" videos in every event we've handled..
  3. This is nice. Love reading your comments. Very helpful. Thank you!!
  4. Hemming


    Hi guys, this is my first post. I am actually browsing on google a community about UAV and i found this site. Hope i can meet friends here, and learn and get some ideas as well as sharing my opinions about drones. I am part of event organizer here in the Philippines and we use drones to record every events that we've handle especially big parties. Drones are really a big help for us especially in making "After movie". However I've been attached and curious about drones, because i am really a techie guy and i want to broaden my knowledge about drones and I think it's really a nice move to be an expert about Drones here in Philippines since people now here are having interest with drones.
  5. Hi guys. #firstpost