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  1. I passed mine today as well. I'm wondering if the liscense/rating will even be ready until August 29th since its not available on IACRA until then. Or can we just march down to the local FSDO and fill out an 8710, show proof of the 61.56 and get the rating? Anyone have an idea? Did we take the exams too early??
  2. Good to know! Hopefully I did the right thing! The reason I asked my original question, is because I read someone else's approval letter from the FAA and they actually used the fact that the "petitioner" had a commercial license as an argument to approve the exemption. I wonder what the approvals vs the rejections are for folk that are actually licensed...
  3. HeyTx, Currently I'm flying out of KGSO for a Part91 operator. We've dealt with the feds on numerous occasions, the latest to include a "tabletop" meeting regarding our CPDLC operations over the North Atlantic Tracks, so yeah... I'm familiar with how they operate! Ha!.. That being said, I foresee more of these types meetings with the feds coming down the pipes with all these start up, Exemption 333 operators in the future. So, keep good, detailed records and follow your Ops manuals to a tee folks, by all means! I'm curious as to how these exemptions are going to affect ADS-B, which is suppose to go into effect January 01, 2020. I can't imagine Part107 and the FAA being THAT proactive. Maybe drones will have transponders by then? Either way, thanks for the responses. I guess I have a 6mo wait ahead of me at this point, and before I can startup my own side business.
  4. Anyone have the soop, on whether its easier or not to receive the exemption if you can prove to the feds you're already licensed pilot, holding a medical? Currently, I have an ATP, CFII licenses, with medical and just applied for the exemption, and I wonder if they're more lenient towards licensed pilots. Anyone know if this helps? I did the exemption process myself and now starting to wonder if I shouldn't have paid an attorney to draft it for me.