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  1. I just finished my first flight with my Phantom 4! What a freaking rush!!! AMAZING!!! I couldn't stop laughing and giggling like a 5 year old. I'm hooked. It was on 4K at first so I moved that down to 1080p. The 4K video isn't very good. It's very choppy so either there is an issue, or my MacBook Pro is too old and underpowered to support it. Since I bought extra batteries, I'm heading back out to get some more air time in! WAHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
  2. I'm not familiar with that software but I'll take a look at the specs later and get a feel for it. They are all pretty much the same. Then I'll be able to give some input. Watch for a private message from me later... I assume I can message you through the forum. No need to post it all here.
  3. @GMillsNC:Video editing was my career for many years! I started on Adobe Premiere but switched to Final Cut Pro. I stepped away about 5 years ago but it stays with you. The technology just changes.
  4. After all of this, I've decided on a DJI Phantom 4 as my first purchase. I'm debating on whether I order a package deal on Amazon and wait 2-5 days or if I drive to Best Buy and pay a bit more with sales tax. So my next question is if anyone has flown this model and what device they use with the remote? I own an iPhone 6S but I'm thinking about getting an iPad Mini 4. I've read that the grip on the remote won't fit an iPad Air which I currently own. The iPhone 6S just seems so small. I would think a larger screen would be better. Anybody have input here?
  5. Ugh... I was unaware of 3DR until I read this blog. I saw a display at Best Buy as I was hurrying through and now I know what it was. I remember thinking "what brand is that?". So now I'm reading all about their items. The one thing I did notice is that the gimbal was a separate purchase and seemed to be specific to a GoPro. I own a GoPro but it's the Hero Session which is the small cube. And then there's the GoPro Karma coming eventually. More decisions...
  6. This enters into a whole other area I've never thought about. I used to be in video production and did a lot of editing. Lately I've noticed a lot of TV programs using footage that was obviously obtained via a drone. I think the one I watched last night was a Travel Channel show about hidden swimming spots around the world. When I see those it makes me think of potential. Now I see other potential. Time to hit Amazon and order my first one.
  7. Thanks to both of you. I would have responded sooner but I was traveling all day. From an aesthetics perspective, I really like the looks of the Typhoon 4K. I also like the integrated screen in the controller. My concern with using a personal mobile device is the possibility of failure if it disconnects from the controller. I think they compensated for this with the DJI Phantom 4 because I'm pretty sure I saw a cable connection to the remote. I just don't want to drop $1300+. If I'm going to do that, I'll get the Typhoon H. Although I think the Typhoon H Pro is more like $1900. Ugh. Right now I'm looking at the "training" phase of my journey into UAVs. I'm really tempted to just get the 4K AND a DJI Phantom 3. If I go that route, I need to consider a step below the Phantom 3 Professional as I think it is a bit more than I'd like to go. I figure I'll find a package deal online with extra batteries and cases. Decisions, decisions...
  8. Hey everyone. I'm a newbie to both the forum and the UAV world. About four months ago, I had decided to purchase a Yuneec Typhoon H but wasn't able to follow through. I'm back in the purchasing mode again and I'm trying to decide what I should buy. I am considering a Yuneec Typhoon 4k but wanted input from others. I'm going to wait until I'm a bit more seasoned to buy a Typhoon H Pro. About six months ago I picked up a DJI standard quad but wasn't overly impressed with how cheap the controller felt. I also didn't like the way it clamped on to your mobile device, which also made me realize I wasn't overly fond of using my iPhone 6S as the nav screen. While I am a fan of my Apple devices, they can be glitchy. Maybe I'm wrong for jumping to this conclusion (or feeling) so quickly. With that said, DJI versus Yuneec, any input? My ultimate goal is probably just aerial cinematography. For what it's worth, I went to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and was once a pilot. Life took me in another direction and I never flew commercially. I live on about 40 acres of land so I've got plenty of area to practice. Thanks